Any new information we can get our hands on regarding the upcoming Zelda title — which will be exclusively for the Wii U — is worth examining. In a recent interview with iJustine, Shigeru Miyamoto answered a couple of questions about the highly anticipated title.

When asked about the size of the world within Zelda U, Miyamoto stated, “We first started by saying well, let’s see what we can do if we take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess and just try to make that as one area on the game.” If the game holds true to his words, it has the potential to be monstrous.

When playing fantasy games such as Zelda, many players have desired for the ability to roam freely across the landscape and explore — The Legend of Zelda series is founded on that desire for exploration. With a world this large, it opens up many possibilities to do just that. However, a larger world doesn’t necessarily mean it is an interesting one to journey through. Justine then asked, “Do you see that as a game where people will go to complete a certain mission and they end up doing 50 things along the way?”

“Yeah, there may even be times where you forget what your goal is, because you are doing other things on the side. There may be times where you go into one big long dungeon, or there may be times where you’re headed to a dungeon and you’re doing other things along the side,” Miyamoto responded. This is reassuring news, since it offers not only a large world, but things to do in the world.

Miyamoto then mentioned that they are designing Zelda U to be played in short periods of time, molding it around busy lifestyles and schedules. “What we’re trying to do is design it in a way that you don’t necessarily have to sit down and play it for a super long time, but more matched to today’s lifestyle.”

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U has been confirmed to release sometime next year. Until then, you can either watch the full iJustine video interview below or watch the gameplay reveal from The Game Awards — as if you haven’t watched it about 100 times already!

  • Khao Mortadios

    “I’M HEADED OFF TO THAT HUGE MOUNTAIN IN THE DISooooooooooooh, what is that thing over there? I guess it couldn’t hurt to check it out…”

    That’s what I want to happen in this game. I want this world to surprise me even when I’m going somewhere directly and my objective is clear.

    So that means that these news are about perfect to me.

    I’m not expecting a perfect game (I already accepted that Zelda is just not good at difficulty curves for one) but everything I’ve been hearing about world design and the large focus on free exploration is simply a dream come true.

    With each new coming game lately, there’s been talk about Zelda returning to its roots. This is the only one so far where I’ve been really feeling that it’s gonna be true.

    • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

      Same. At first I was fine with big, then people started saying it would be boring. Now I am reassured!

      • heroofmasks

        cant blame them can you one of the main complaints about tp was the massive overworld was so bland and boring this game could end up being 1000x better then skyrim with a better longer story and a ton more things to do becouse lets face it skyrims overword was crappy and barren so tne developers said lets just put caves and fortresses everywere with little in them to make the game/overworld seem more full

    • 17Haru17 .

      I wouldn’t worry about difficulty because every Zelda since Skyward Sword has had the optional hero mode.

    • justinpr1234


  • Christin Wagner

    I hope this means tons more collectables for the completionist that I am!

  • 17Haru17 .

    This interview was interesting, but god was it cringe-worthy.

    • Anthony Moseley


      • 17Haru17 .

        Oh, just her mannerisms. I suppose there’s a lot of awkward pauses inherent to translated interviews too.

  • Anthony Moseley

    Hopefully that will put some of the naysayers at ease for a while until we see the actual game in action. Personally, I wouldn’t care if the game was packed with stuff to do every 5 seconds, but apparently others do. Honestly, a lot of the encounters in Skyrim got old after a while, I just wanted to walk around and enjoy the scenery!

  • Richard Rahl

    Why does ‘she’ get to talk to him. She is nothign more than a CoD fangirl. She’s not a gamer.

  • Arthur Miracle

    I’m going to tread the hole field on foot without the horse and see how long it takes: with and without distractions.

    • justinpr1234

      INTRODUCING THE NEWEST THING SINCE THE SPEED RUN… THE SLOW RUN!!!! (Its sooooooooooooooo much fun to do and watch)

      • Arthur Miracle

        That’s probably what it’s going to become, one day. ^-^

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  • Isabel

    I want a Wii U now…