After a whole 24 hours in which we waited with bated breath, we have finally reached the fourth day of this joyous celebration! It’s time to raise our voices high in the sky and follow along with the fourth installment of our song!

“On the fourth day of Zelda-mas, my princess gave to me:
Four Mirror Shards,
Three Goddess Pearls,
Two Kinstone halves,
And a quest from the Great Deku Tree.”

The Mirror Shards, or the four scattered segments of the Mirror of Twilight, were crucial items to collect in the latter part of Twilight Princess and embody the dark plot of the game. To truly get a sense of the gravity surrounding these ancient relics, take a listen to this song from ZREO‘s Twilight Symphony entitled “Ganondorf’s Exile.” This arrangement is their orchestration of the music that plays while Link and Midna learn of Ganondorf’s exile by means of the Mirror of Twilight, and how the Mirror was later fragmented into pieces. It really is a wonderful, albeit heavy, piece of music to enjoy.