Wind Waker is one of the brightest and most light-hearted games in the Zelda franchise, and in HD, it’s perhaps the most beautiful game in the series. Despite this, one of the first locations you visit in the game is in quite a depressing state: Dragon Roost Island. Valoo, the Sky Spirit, is going berserk, thus the Rito cannot climb to the top to receive a dragon scale allowing them to grow their wings. One such Rito is Prince Komali, who closes himself off to the rest of the island because of this. To help Prince Komali and the Rito discover what is wrong with Valoo, Medli, the apprentice attendant of Valoo, decides to climb the mountain despite the danger.

From the first events that take place on Dragon Roost Island, Medli is shown to be a very courageous Rito, as shown in this piece by Rees-Bees of DeviantArt entitled “Medli Ready for Take Off!“. Medli’s fearlessness and resolve help inspire Prince Komali to be more confident as well. I find Medli to be a very motivating character in the Zelda franchise, as very few characters show the bravery to take on an entire dungeon alone (granted she got captured, but hey, it’s the thought that counts). She shows that one doesn’t need the power of the gods in order to be courageous, and that holds a lot of meaning for me. With enough confidence, you too can soar to any destination you want, just like Medli, which is why “Medli Ready for Take Off!” by Rees-Bees is today’s pick for Fanart Friday.



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