During The Game Awards on Friday night, Zelda series composer Koji Kondo and alternative rock band Imagine Dragons collaborated on stage to pay tribute to the Zelda franchise. The performance included renditions of the “Fairy Fountain Theme”, the “Song of Healing”, and the classic Zelda overworld theme. Imagine Dragons finished the show off with a performance of their smash hit “It’s Time.”

The performance was led by Koji Kondo on the piano with the members of Imagine Dragons rocking out on the guitar and violin. Accompanying their act was artwork from Majora’s Mask, which was projected in the background.

As if the footage shown prior to this performance wasn’t enough, seeing Koji Kondo play one of my favorite songs from the series, the “Song of Healing”, has only made me that much more excited for what lies ahead.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    was kinda cool to see koji kinda look like he was rockin out to the song near the end there while playn the piano XD

  • Jeremy Kingsley

    My favourite series and… second favourite band compiling together is more than I could ask for.

  • Excellent. I actually did a report on Koji Kondo in Middle school about 7 years back.

  • Courtney Amelia Hutchinson

    I do believe that is a viola, not a violin. 🙂 Violins don’t have that low of a range.

  • 17Haru17 .

    I kinda wish Imagine Dragons, who I love, did more Zelda covers, but oh well. This collaborative performance totally blew the opening Mario theme out of the water.

  • craZ

    Oh man, Koji Kondo! I love that dude, he’s responsible for giving us spectacular OSTs (Skyward Sword being my fave)

  • craZ

    It’s be hilarious if that song they sing ends up being the credits for Zelda Wii U

    • craZ

      Sorry, I’ve heard the song, but I’m not familiar with the name

  • Anthony Moseley

    Not particularly a fan of Imagine Dragons, but this was pretty cool.

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