There’s something about watching a blacksmith that’s always enjoyable. Maybe it’s the way the metal glows and the way sparks dance around as the hammer pounds away. Maybe it’s even the craftsmanship and care that goes into making each weapon into a masterpiece. Regardless of what it is, forging a weapon is always a magical experience.

Matt Stagmer and Ilya Alekseyev show us the delicate and time consuming process it takes to re-create a fictional blade in real life, while Kerry Stagmer builds the sturdy hilt to hold the massive weapon. Watch as a chuck of steel transforms into a weapon meant to be wielded by a god.

While, sadly, the re-created weapon is not capable of performing a magical sword beam, it’s still deadly. The end of the video is incredibly satisfying — we get to see the sword in action as it shatters pots releasing rupees, slices open bottles, and cuts pumpkins and watermelons in half. We also get to see how this gigantic sword would affect a zombie. Spoiler, it can deface and decapitate one.

Baltimore Knife and Sword is run by brothers Matt and Kerry Stagmer. Their business is the number one name in stage combat weaponry, and every weapon they make is extremely durable and fully functional.