Game Informer magazine recently sat down with the director of the flagship Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros. in order to ask him a series of questions about the development of the games in a monthly series called “Smash Bros. Diaries.” This month, one of the more pertinent inquiries brought up with Masahiro Sakurai involved the ever-expanding roster of the game’s characters, which has now reached an impressive total of forty-nine, not counting the upcoming Mewtwo DLC. To that Sakurai states, “I throw my body and soul into every project with the mindset that this is the last one.”

“I throw my body and soul into every project”

With the finality of Super Smash Bros. in mind each time a new project is in development, Sakurai’s commitment correlates to the increasing number of features and memorable Nintendo characters included in the game, which according to Sakurai causes a situation “where it’s almost an impossible quantity to work with.”

This plan of action seems to be wielding great results. The latest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is an astounding success, selling over 500,000 copies in its first week alone in the United States. However, Sakurai does worry whether or not they can keep this sort of pattern running for very long and has a fear of burning out, stating, “In a word, it’s relentless. Right now, I have no way to picture whether things will go as well next time.”