Last week, Eiji Aonuma revealed new information about the Twilight Princess DLC Pack for Hyrule Warriors. He announced the inclusion of Twili Midna as a playable character, who was only seen in this form at the end of Twilight Princess. She will use the Mirror of Twilight as her weapon of choice.

twili midna

twili midna mirror

twili midna battle

hyrule warriors twili midna wolf DLC

Aonuma hinted at a new costume for Link that would bear resemblance to a familiar character in the series. After much speculation, this costume has finally been revealed to be none other than the Postman. Link looks quite uncomfortable in this attire, but it’s too hilarious to not enjoy. Zelda has also been given a new costume; she can now adorn herself in an adorable Illia costume, giving Zelda short hair that seems to suit her very well.


illia zelda full

Zelda will be able to equip the Dominion Rod from Twilight Princess, which gives its user the ability to control statues.


dom rod full

It was also announced that there is a brand new Adventure Mode map included in the Twilight Princess Pack.

gannon advmode

tp adventure mode

The Twilight Princess Pack is out right now on the Wii U eShop. Enjoy!