It seems like I can’t find a moment to breathe between the constant stream of exciting news regarding the newly announced Majora’s Mask 3D. From this week’s surprise announcement during the Nintendo Direct, to the Special Edition and beautiful box art, prepare to feel the hype sky-rocket even more when you feast your eyes on the stunning new artwork that’s surfaced.

The expanded version of the box art is this huge, sprawling piece that appears to pack in almost every major character and setting, forming one massive, masterfully designed celebration of the game. You can soak in the intense detail by checking out a high resolution version on Zelda Wiki.


Another gorgeous piece of art, this design contrasts greatly against the diverse, bustling world of characters seen in the previous picture. This evokes a sense of loneliness, darkness and turmoil, with Skull Kid holding Majora’s Mask in the woods. This is featured as a poster in the UK Special Edition of the game, and again, there’s a high quality version available on Zelda Wiki.


There’s some great new character art, too. Not only does this art of Link look fantastic, it is based upon the exact same style used in the old artwork for the original Majora’s Mask. There’s also a monochromatic image of Skull Kid, looking as menacing as ever.



majora's-mask-3d-skull kid-monochromatic