It seems like I can’t find a moment to breathe between the constant stream of exciting news regarding the newly announced Majora’s Mask 3D. From this week’s surprise announcement during the Nintendo Direct, to the Special Edition and beautiful box art, prepare to feel the hype sky-rocket even more when you feast your eyes on the stunning new artwork that’s surfaced.

The expanded version of the box art is this huge, sprawling piece that appears to pack in almost every major character and setting, forming one massive, masterfully designed celebration of the game. You can soak in the intense detail by checking out a high resolution version on Zelda Wiki.


Another gorgeous piece of art, this design contrasts greatly against the diverse, bustling world of characters seen in the previous picture. This evokes a sense of loneliness, darkness and turmoil, with Skull Kid holding Majora’s Mask in the woods. This is featured as a poster in the UK Special Edition of the game, and again, there’s a high quality version available on Zelda Wiki.


There’s some great new character art, too. Not only does this art of Link look fantastic, it is based upon the exact same style used in the old artwork for the original Majora’s Mask. There’s also a monochromatic image of Skull Kid, looking as menacing as ever.



majora's-mask-3d-skull kid-monochromatic

  • DekuMask

    Majora’s mask is my number one favorite game of all time, and i’m soooo happy that with the remake coming out we also get all this awesome artwork! i love all of it!

  • NasiDe

    Did you notice that the box art seems to be based on some old Majora’s Mask artwork? Compare Skull Kid’s stance…

  • Talmor

    So delightful on the eyes!

    I’m trying to decide if the Fierce Deity being missing is something to be miffed about or should be considered poignant.

    • Fierce Deity is technically a secret aspect of the game. The last unlockable mask and you can only receive it at the very last moment in the game.

      So technically they are probably leaving it out for people who have never played the game.

      In fact despite how cool Fierce Deity looks, this transformation mask has no part in the overall story of the game.

      • Talmor

        Which I always thought was a shame. The description line of the Fierce Deity’s Mask being as dark as Majora’s Mask has always stuck with me.

        On the development side, I understand the Fierce Deity’s Mask came out of a plan for an Adult Link Mask and a desire to keep the transformations as varied as possible.

        I guess the potential story the Fierce Deity could have is just a great lure for me.

        • Merry_Blind

          Let’s hope they actually flesh out the whole Fierce Deity thing with this remake. Maybe making it less overpowered and allowing us to wear it anytime; not just against bosses.

          I’m also hoping the first upgrade for your sword will now be permanent instead of reverting back to the Kokiri sword when rewinding time. I just always preferred the style of that 2-blades sword compared to the final sword.

  • So beautiful!! No words can describe how much I love these new artworks.

  • MDH

    Those two images of Link, in the old artstyle with the strong shadows, makes me really happy and nostalgic.

  • Ima Badlady

    My only fear for this game is I hope they don’t try to inject a coherent backstory for Majora. A part of what made Majora so terrifying in the first game was that you only had a vague idea of what the mask was, which made Majora’s Incarnation and Majora’s Wrath so off putting.

    • Anthony Moseley

      I’m sure the story will be mostly the same.

  • Anonymous

    Guys , Enjoy

  • finnlink14

    Link looks awesome! cant wait for that game!

  • Kallumsmarties

    Some games have some nice artwork, but this sort of takes them off the spot. Whoever did that artwork deserves a lot of respect for it. It is absolutely stunning.