Etsy user Erin Bailey of MayKimCrochet has created a template for something amazing. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Link costume, or perhaps one for your own little Hylian, look no further: Erin has put her 16-page crochet pattern up for purchase. For only $15, you can create your own outfit, complete with Kokiri hat, tunic, gloves, arm guards, and belt. Erin’s adorable daughter can be seen showcasing the custom outfit below.

Link Crochet #2

Maybe you don’t want the whole outfit; you can purchase the crochet patterns for the Kokiri hat by itself, as well.

Link Crochet #3

As for the Master Sword and Hylian shield, Erin also kindly shared the design templates with us. You can see the layout for each below.

Link Crochet #5 (Shield)

Link Crochet #6 (Sword)

Make your own Navi

If the entire outfit isn’t enough for the hardcore Zelda fan, then Erin will even be including instructions and a materials list regarding how to create Navi, which can be found below. Pictures for Navi will be uploaded to her page at a later date.


Materials List

  • 2″ styrofoam ball.
  • Mini party lights.
  • Blue glitter – you can mix some gold or silver glitter in it to give it some extra sparkle.
  • Copper or silver floral wire.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Clear Sealer.
  • A pencil.


  1. Take the 2″ Styrofoam ball and hollow out a hole with the pencil. Don’t poke the pencil through the whole way; just enough to fit the mini light inside of it.navi-tutorial-2
  2. Measure and cut two pieces of wire at about 13″ with wire cutters. Fold the wire in half and bend to create the shape of Navi’s top wings. Be careful; the ends of the wire may be sharp.
  3. Cut half an inch off of the ends of the wire. Keeping the wire a little longer will make it easier to mold the wire into the desired form.
  4. Stick the wings into the Styrofoam ball. Make sure that the mini light is in the hole when you do this, to ensure that the wire doesn’t poke the whole way through. This is done to prevent the hole for the light from being blocked by the wires.
  5. Cut two 3″ pieces of wire. These will be Navi’s lower wings. Like Step 3 and Step 4, mold the wire  and stick them below the top wings.
  6. Time to make her sparkle! Place Navi in some newspaper or a paper plate (you can remove her light for this part.) Coat the Navi with the Glitter Blast spray. Make sure you are wearing some gloves and are in a ventilated area when applying the adhesive. It’s like spray paint, so the chemicals may irritate or burn your skin when applying the glitter to Navi. After you put a nice coat of the Glitter Blast on Navi, you can start sprinkling the glitter. Don’t completely coat her, because you want the light to shine through. Make sure you get some of the glitter on the wings (silver glitter would look best, but isn’t essential). When you’ve completely coated the Navi with glitter, give her another coating of the spray. This ensures that the glitter will stay on. Let it dry over night, and you are done!


Altogether this is a perfect outfit for Halloween, parties, or just walking around the house as a young Hylian. Be sure to check out Erin’s page for any updates, and share the love!


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