Many will recoil upon hearing Navi’s never-ending nagging, or groan at Fi’s incessant insights; but no one complains about The King of Red Lions. Many of the different variations of Link have had companions, but none are more useful as the talking boat that young Wind Waker Link finds himself in on his adventure. He can carry you across an entire ocean, teach you how to conduct, give you advice, and even inspire an incredible piece of art. Like this one!

This is another impressive sculpture by Ales the Woodcarver, who spent 30 hours turning an ordinary block of wood into everyone’s favourite verbalising vessel. Standing at 10 inches in height and seven inches in length, the carving has tons of intricate detail, from the complicated shapes that form the head to the markings on the sail. Ales even made a cool stand to display his masterpiece!




Previously, Ales has presented us with an amazing Master Sword replica and a magnificent statue of Link. You can see many more photos of The King of Red Lions carving on his blog, including work-in-progress shots to give you a fascinating look at the expertise that goes into this type of craft.