Nintendo has recently released the latest patch for the popular title, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. This patch, 1.0.3., also includes patch 1.0.2 in the download, just in case any gamers missed the first patch that came out on October 3. Nintendo hasn’t gone too far into detail regarding the patch, but they have offered a couple bits of information:

  • The Conquest chart will no longer be displayed when Conquest Mode is active.
  • Adjustments have also been made to balance the game and make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Link v Link Smash 3DS

The update seems to improve the balancing in general for the title, making it a “more pleasant gaming experience,” as well as dispersing with the Conquest Mode chart. Both of these appear to be great improvements. Getting rid of the Conquest chart should help to diversify character choices and help to alleviate gamers joining “the winning side”, and the balance patch is most likely aimed at a few characters — Little Mac, no doubt, being the focus.

Players won’t be able to join in with online matches until the update is downloaded, so make sure to get it.

  • Does a simple update like this really need to be posted here? Like, it’s great that they are balancing the game and everything but it seems rather unnecessary to post about a simple balancing patch on here..

    • Ryan Haynes

      Slow news period. They’ve gotta post something.

    • Ryan Haney

      If they didn’t tell us, then how would we know about it?

      • Do we really need to know about a simple balancing fix like this? I’m sure if it was posted on the Smash Bros website or one of Nintendo’s social medias that’d make sense. But on a Zelda site just doesn’t make much sense. Although I guess they have been posting a lot of non Zelda stuff recently haven’t they?

  • Ronny Nitka

    Rosalina no doubt being the focus

    • SakuStar Light

      if u you cant be rosalina…i feel bad for you.

  • Bard

    Game and Watch no doubt being the focus.

  • Brian McBehrer

    Actually, Shulk got the only change I could find. His attacks are so much faster now!

    • Ryan Haynes

      Shulk no doubt being the focus

  • Brandon Scott

    It feels like it extended the frames of invincibility of rolling too. I can actually dodge attacks now!

  • Zelda

    I dont know why anyone even likes the new sbb game. It freakin sucks

    • crushgrip2

      Why, though? What isn’t their to like abou…
      OH WAIT
      Let me guess, your sad because this isn’t melee?

      • Matt Scïence Bounds

        That or his Brawl main was Meta Knight.

        • crushgrip2

          Or Ice Climbers

          • crushgrip2

            Or Snake

          • Cheesiator

            I cry myself to sleep every night bc no ice climbers

      • Zelda

        Im sorry my sister has been using my account she meant to log onto hers but thought this account was hers im sorry

  • Zelda

    And this is ZELDA UNIVERSE. too many ssb crap

    • Ryan Haney

      How many times has ZU said they post about other Nintendo games and games with Zelda characters in them? Honestly, sometimes I worry about how little common sense is used these days.

      • Since when have they told us all that? For people who aren’t normal viewers to the site or only come from their Facebook posts we aren’t aware of this stuff. So don’t blame us for not knowing this.

        • Ryan Haynes

          If it has Zelda characters in it, it’s Zelda related. kind of common sense.

      • Zelda

        Im sorry my sister has been using my account lately so she has been posting stuff like this sorrry…

      • Zelda

        She thought this was her account

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