With Halloween just around the corner, Nintendo revealed three spooky 3DS home menus to celebrate. Among these is a retro Zelda theme, which features a menu paying homage to the original Legend of Zelda.

The top screen features recurring eerie enemies such as Keese, Gibdos, Stalfos, Wizzrobes and Poe, while the bottom screen has Link walking in a graveyard, armed with a sword and shield. It also includes variation of the original game’s dungeon theme, overlaid with an eerie piano track.An Animal Crossing Pumpkin Jack theme and a cat theme also received trailers. Each theme is priced at 200 yen.

Nintendo has also recently released a new Skyward Sword theme. This theme includes the beautiful impressionism-inspired art style of the game, and the music playing is none other than the gorgeous Ballad of the Goddess.

These themes allow you to customize your 3DS as you see fit. They change the menu’s background, folder icons, and even add music and sound effects. Sadly, there is still no news on these being available outside of Japan.