Back in 2012, Thatgamecompany surprised everyone with their hit PlayStation exclusive, Journey. The game is literally, as its title suggests, a journey. A journey personal and unique to each player; inviting them to cross paths with anonymous travellers, overcome intimidating beasts and environmental perils, and witness some of the greatest and most atmospheric sights seen in the gaming medium.

The feeling of adventure running consisting throughout Journey is similar to that which the Zelda series often evoke. In a stroke of genius, cosplayer Sarahstrasza combined the two by designing the robe of the mysterious Journey traveller with a Zelda theme.

The developers were clearly impressed with the costume too, as they were kind enough to share some photos on Thatgamecompany’s official Twitter page.

Taking colour inspiration from Link’s green tunic, the designer decorated the robe with Triforces, Fairies, and what appears to be Rupee silhouettes. Let’s not forget the most iconic asset of the hero’s apparel in Journey: the scarf. Here, it’s gold and lined with silver Triforce symbols.

You can see much more of Sarahstrasza’s work on her Facebook and DeviantArt pages, where she cosplays many other video game and movie characters.

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