Ocarina of Time is one of the most depressing video games you will ever play. Don’t believe me? Check out this quick overview by Dorkly user Julia Lepetit regarding the title, and how it can relate to a very melancholy life.

Personally, I found the second and sixth panels absolutely hilarious, in a dark humor type of way. To be honest, however, the panels do speak truth about the game. Have a look and see why Ocarina of Time is so morose.

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  • Kathy Plester

    Not to poke holes but many of these aspects are typical of thousands of other games – the collection of items, the use of potions, people buzzing about you demanding attention usually on specific missions or are specific game mechanics such as tutorials AND you do not walk around with a mask all day- you only have to trade a few and wear the mask of truth to read the statues. Silent protagonists are a common thing. These things could make a big percentage of games ‘morose’.

    However I will say that the last one struck a chord – I remember the first time I completed the game and I felt slightly cheated emotionally. I didn’t know what to do even though closure had technically been given.

  • DVD Player

    Pretty much the last one is the only one that makes sense. The rest are huge stretches that look like they were made with the intention to make “Minds = Blown” *shudder* or “RUIN CHILDHOODSAPITNDJGSE”

  • Pulsating-v

    Massively disappointed here by the length and content. I was expecting a detailed post with some more substance and references to in game moments like the Kokori all dying at the end because they leave the forest or how the zoras never unfreeze so are either dead or suspended in time with no closure. This just looks like someone got some information from a trailer and as DVD Player said; was after an “MIND=BLOWN YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS FAN THEORY GIVE US VIEWS AND LIKES” instead of having something interesting.

  • zombieovereasy

    Oh, awesome a click-bait article.

  • zombieovereasy

    Oh, awesome a click-bait article.

  • clemsonfight

    That was kinda lame

  • Darren M Gomes

    The game itself isn’t depressing, but it does make you realise life’s depressing, which is the point of the cartoon. But at the same time, it does tell you that even though life’s depressing, there’s a lot of adventure to be enjoyed too.

  • Adam Reber

    I think Majora’s Mask is way more depressing… Na’vi runs off and leaves Link alone to traverse the Lost Woods in the dark only to then be ambushed and mugged by Skullkid, stealing his horse and prized mask, and cursing him into a deku kid all while hell-bent on destroying the world in 3 days… Not to mention Link just saved Hyrule but nobody will remember because he went back in time before the time deviation occurred.

    edit2: Still doesn’t have a girlfriend..

    • Cjhbbass .

      Majora’s Mask is depressing because of how Ocarina of Time ended. Link prevented Ganon from doing anything and was forgotten, so Link wanders off in the lost woods. Long story short ends up in Termina(MM).

  • Sully Shah


  • Krystal White

    this article is thinking way too hard. those arent even the sad parts of the game. and the story line has way more to offer than this.

  • Esteban Santi


  • Talmor

    Well…that was…. Uh…I thought this was going to be an in-depth article about why Ocarina of Time is depressing. I do relate to most of the comic’s points, but it seems more like the comic should be titled: Life Expressed via The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  • Anthony Moseley

    I think some of you guys are taking this waaaaayyyyy too seriously.

  • Uzuki

    Um… let’s leave Dorkly to Dorkly and ZU to ZU, shall we?

  • Yourace4

    Eh, it’s sad, but not that sad. The emotion isn’t there cause Link has no expression, which makes the emotion dull. I found this game very amusing and fun, not ‘depressing’ in the end, all the Zelda games are a little sad, but their also a blast!