The upcoming Master Quest DLC for Hyrule Warriors will include plenty of goodies; among them is the ability to use Epona as a powerful weapon. Contemporaneous with this DLC is a free update in Japan that gives players an opportunity to choose the game’s first boss, Volga, as a dispenser of hack-and-slash justice on the game’s minion-strewn fields of greenery.

Videos of gameplay, including the playable Volga, in the Japanese version have been released, giving Western audiences something to look forward to in the upcoming Master Quest DLC. While his basic battlefield moves do not deviate from the Dynasty Warriors norm, the range of special attacks he’s given make him appear to be an especially powerful character.

The trailer below shows him transforming in Volvagia-esque form to do a handful of magical moves. This latest video is shorter than a previous one reported here on Zelda Universe, but provides us more footage of Volga’s dragon-form attacks.

Volga’s special attack (0:37-0:40) appears to be particularly effective at clearing a wide swath of enemies on the field. Indeed, his moves appear to be more effective than Link’s own.

Audiences outside of Japan will be able to access this content via the Master Quest DLC on October 16. It looks like Volga’s inclusion on the playable roster will heat things up a bit. What do you think?


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