The highly anticipated Hyrule Warriors is finally here, and with it comes some brilliant concept art from the game. Found in the official Prima strategy guide, this concept art shows off some very interesting ideas not yet explored in the Zelda franchise, such as “Linkle”, the possible female version of Link, and Volga having another form as the dragon Volvagia from Ocarina of Time. Just what else was Nintendo thinking when they were developing Hyrule Warriors?

Warning: there may be potential spoilers in these images for Hyrule Warriors. Read at your own risk.


Linkle ou la version féminine de Link - Imgur
Linkle wahou - Imgur
Linkle (divers essais) - Imgur


Link (essais) - Imgur
Link  early concept art - Imgur


Gabondorf   rough sketches - Imgur
Ganondorf (façon Demise) - Imgur

Aside from our favorite three characters in the Zelda franchise, we wanted to give the unique villains from Hyrule Warriors their own place to shine in “what could have been”. What do you think of Volga’s initial design? What is going on with Cia? Which Wizzro do you prefer? There are so many questions you can pose when looking at concept art and how it progressed to the final product. Should Volga have transformed into a dragon?


Volga  concept initial - Imgur
Volga - forme humaine - Imgur
Volga se transforme en Volvagia - Imgur
Wizzro (Iscerro) essais - Imgur
Cia  première apparence - Imgur

So much concept art, but it’s not nearly the whole amount presented. Check out the rest at Nintendo-Master and get the full package there!