The highly anticipated Hyrule Warriors is finally here, and with it comes some brilliant concept art from the game. Found in the official Prima strategy guide, this concept art shows off some very interesting ideas not yet explored in the Zelda franchise, such as “Linkle”, the possible female version of Link, and Volga having another form as the dragon Volvagia from Ocarina of Time. Just what else was Nintendo thinking when they were developing Hyrule Warriors?

Warning: there may be potential spoilers in these images for Hyrule Warriors. Read at your own risk.


Linkle ou la version féminine de Link - Imgur
Linkle wahou - Imgur
Linkle (divers essais) - Imgur


Link (essais) - Imgur
Link  early concept art - Imgur


Gabondorf   rough sketches - Imgur
Ganondorf (façon Demise) - Imgur

Aside from our favorite three characters in the Zelda franchise, we wanted to give the unique villains from Hyrule Warriors their own place to shine in “what could have been”. What do you think of Volga’s initial design? What is going on with Cia? Which Wizzro do you prefer? There are so many questions you can pose when looking at concept art and how it progressed to the final product. Should Volga have transformed into a dragon?


Volga  concept initial - Imgur
Volga - forme humaine - Imgur
Volga se transforme en Volvagia - Imgur
Wizzro (Iscerro) essais - Imgur
Cia  première apparence - Imgur

So much concept art, but it’s not nearly the whole amount presented. Check out the rest at Nintendo-Master and get the full package there!

  • draug419

    Well, the first Linkles are as sexualized as I expected. (And what’s up with calling her a different name?) It would have been nice to see Cia as a POC like the early concepts suggest, though! And the blue Wizzro original concept looks cooler than the final, too. (The white is too poe-like.) Ah, but just my opinions (:

    • VladNorris


      • Dana Addams

        Person of Colour – ie, non-white. I agree that she would have been better with the PoC designs. Shame they considered diversity, but cut it.
        Would have also been better if her final design wasn’t just “LOOK! CLEAVAGE!!”

        Still hopeful that we’ll see Linkle resurrected for DLC!

        • VladNorris

          I agree that Cia would have looked much better in a non-Team Ninja-ized design, but she IS a POC in the final game.

        • Talmor

          Just hopefully not by the name ‘Linkle’…. Looks like ‘Tinkle’….

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    The Link concept art makes him look like the type of character you would see on Sword Art Online, really looks neat 🙂

  • DekuMask

    I really like the younger Linkle art, would be awesome to see a Zelda game use her! Really dislike the older Linkle art though.

  • Rust

    A lot of these are way cooler than the final designs, imho. Love most of them — don’t care much for Linkle, too corny.

  • heroofmasks

    wasnt linkle already shown after the japan launch she was planned to be links sister that woulda been kool to have her but hyrule warriors needed more good guy guys seriously just link and darunia not counting playable villians where as the females got zelda/shiek impa lana ruto agatha fi and sadly midna thats 2 to 8 cmon is that really all the good guys males they could find how about rusl the happy mask salesman on the fense about skull kid not sure to count him as good or evil considering hed use majoras mask im sure theres other male characters they could add alsi epona is gonna be in a future dlc so its really 2 to 9