For this week’s iteration of Fanart Friday, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite characters in the Zelda series: Skyward Sword’s Zelda. She, like Link, travels on a difficult journey throughout the game, and the piece chosen this for this week’s Fanart Friday reflects the heavy burden on Zelda’s heart that this journey requires. Not a princess in this chapter of the Zelda franchise, but a reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, Zelda journeys the lands not only to regain her lost memories as Hylia but to put an end to the evil Demise’s schemes once and for all. This piece by RayCrystal portrays the heavy heart Zelda possesses throughout her journey, reminding us that before this, she was just a normal girl. That is why I have chosen RayCrystal’s “Zelda” as this week’s Fanart Friday.