One of the most beloved iterations in the Legend of Zelda franchise, Ocarina of Time, is getting fully recreated in 2D by fans of the series. The game has visuals on par with A Link to the Past, and will no doubt be quite an undertaking. On the FAQ page of the project’s official website, the developer states, “Considering how most of the previous attempts at OoT 2D were canceled, we couldn’t have picked a more difficult project to make!”

The developers have also released a playable build of the game for gamers to sample. The FAQ adds that “New content is being added each day.” Regarding the next planned demo, the developer says, “The text at the end of each demo will explain what to expect in the next version. Trailers will be made upon the release of each one.”

The gameplay and graphics look incredibly similar to those found in A Link to the Past, which is a very fitting title in the Zelda series to choose from. Players move left, right, up, or down to navigate the map, much like in ALttP, and the menus very closely resemble those found in the original OoT game. What’s interesting is how the puzzles and cutscenes will be handled in a 2D medium: 3D puzzles will be handled in a side-scrolling fashion, while special cutscenes will utilize graphics that resemble the 16-bit style, but will technically be more advanced than anything the SNES could ever handle.

There is no doubt that creating such an iconic game fully in 2D is a large task, but from what has been revealed so far, it truly looks amazing. If this project does get finished, it appears to be something that will be worth celebrating.

  • Kennedy Dos Santos

    “Remake” is spelled “demake”.

    • Azerik

      Not sure if dumb or joking.

      In either case, in case anyone doesn’t know, its called a “demake” when its taking a “more advanced” game and recreating it in a style reminiscent of either a past game in the franchise, or in an older video game style in general.

    • Michael Bowerman

      What Azerik said 🙂

  • jksteiner1974

    Would prefer .ips patch.

  • Boggle

    Even more of an undertaking: Create a 3D version of A Link to the Past.

    • Zeldagurlfan1

      good idea

  • bob

    looks cool

  • comamor

    What console will this be on, if on a console at all?

    • Michael Bowerman

      I believe this will be on PC/Mac, and if there is enough demand, they will try to port it over to mobile devices

  • jontan

    you should try to put it on snes or n64 cartridges like othe fan made games like Zelda: Outlands

  • Azadi Means Freedom

    How can I get involved in this? I would love to assist, as I am a Software Engineer and extreme Zelda junkie, and was working a while back on a remake of Zelda NES.

  • Davey Engstrom

    Will it have Z targeting though?

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