The flagship store Nintendo World in New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza saw an enormous crowd for the highly anticipated launch of Hyrule Warriors this past weekend. A mecca for gaming fans, the lines at the store superseded the supply employees could provide. With most of the attendees in search for a limited edition copy of the game sold exclusively at the store, some fans left disappointed when they were informed there were only 500 copies available to sell.

The limited edition box set includes the Wii U game as well as a Legend of Zelda branded scarf. With the rarity so high, eBay listings for the game have already appeared with auction prices in the hundreds to the chagrin of fans. Similar occurrences were seen with the limited release of certain Destiny versions earlier this month.

With Hyrule Warriors stirring such excitement in the Nintendo community, this new genre of the beloved Legend of Zelda legacy seems to be a welcome addition to the family.