Li Kovacs, renowned cosplayer, has uploaded a video showcasing the creation of her Princess Zelda attire, inspired by the latest Wii U-exclusive Hyrule Warriors. Regarding her latest Zelda costume, Kovacs states that the process “probably took almost every single technique I’ve learned in costume-making.”

The video also details how she created the costume, piece by piece. Kovacs states that the costume is very intricate, giving the example that the gold designs on Zelda’s dress alone added up to about 350 pieces and it took about 16 hours to complete them. Yet, that wasn’t even the most difficult task; rather, the added armor which adorns the arms and torso of the princess was the most complicated part to recreate.

“It probably took almost every single technique I’ve learned in costume-making.”

The tricky thing with the armor, Kovacs explains, is that it wasn’t a solid piece; it was various pieces placed on different parts of Zelda’s body. Once she finished the costume, however, Kovacs was more than ready to move on to the next design, even after such an arduous process. The last time we saw Kovacs, she was dressed as Princess Hilda and featured on an episode of Nintendo’s official “Nintendo Minute” series.

One thing is for certain: a Zelda cosplayer has never looked so fashionable and so intimidating at the same time!

  • Holy crap! It looks like it was taken straight out of the game!! (Actually, I think it looks better than in the game!)

  • Oppentrapp

    Why can’t medieval clothing be normal D:

    • Oppentrapp

      Thinking of founding my own country where there’s only clothing in the style of The Legend of Zelda :3

      • Trinity Reid

        I would go there XD

      • Saratje

        And before you know it you’ll be conquered by a raging redhead calling himself the king of thieves. 😉 I guess if he takes charge atleast you can really call the police ‘pigs’. 😛

  • Ryan Haney

    Well done.
    I hope whoever dress up like Cia is in good enough shape to pull it off.