After the recent reveal of the New 3DS and its interchangeable cover plates, I had an urge to make my black 3DS XL a little more “decorative.” I looked high and low, trying to find that perfect decal, but I wanted one that wouldn’t come off as soon as I slipped my little Nintendo handheld into my pocket.

Of course, finding the perfect decal wasn’t easy, either; it had to be something that wasn’t overbearing, yet accented the matte black finish of my 3DS. I was given a tip to check a site named Etsy. Oh, you’ve heard of it? I figured as much, but apparently I had been hiding under a rock somewhere. After hearing about the site, I quickly began my search for the perfect decal.

The Wind Waker is my personal favorite of the franchise thus far; the amazing compositions, the wide open sea, and the superb artwork truly won me over. So, it made sense to start my search with that iteration of the Zelda franchise. I didn’t have to look very long.

Not only did they send the decal itself, but also a neat little Triforce!Not only did they send the decal itself, but also a neat little Triforce!

I had found my decal: a Wind Waker version of Link (holding his Wind Waker, of course!) that came in a few different colors. I chose the white decal to give good contrast to my black 3DS, and quickly placed my order of $4.99. The price had definitely won me over, as even if the decal turned out to be subpar, I would only be out five bucks. When I received the product in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only my Link decal, but a free golden Triforce!

After taking a good look at each decal, I grabbed my 3DS XL and placed Link on the left side of my cover, rubbing it down multiple times to make sure it would stick to the game system. Once I felt it would stick well enough, I grabbed a corner of the sticky material the decal rested on, and began peeling it back; the decal itself stayed on the 3DS while the clear material peeled right off. It was a little difficult, as there were some fine points and separate decal pieces, like Link’s nose, but nothing to cause any unwarranted problems. When I finished, it looked amazing!

If I wasn't holding the camera, I would give this decal two thumbs up!If I wasn’t holding the camera, I would give this decal two thumbs-up!

After seeing how good the white decal turned out to be, I couldn’t wait to see the gold Triforce underneath my buttons on the inside of the 3DS XL. A few minutes passed, I repeated the same steps, and peeled back the clear material to reveal another great decal. I was very pleased with the gold, as well.

The gold looks very nice!The gold looks very nice!

The best part about this second decal? It was absolutely free. I had not expected it, so it added even more to an already satisfying purchase. Now that I’ve been able to walk around with my 3DS in my pocket extensively, testing to see if the quality of the decal itself would hold, I am pleased to announce that there are no tears of any kind, nor is the decal peeling off. I highly recommend a purchase like this, and Etsy has a large selection of decals to choose from; we all know you want a Zelda decal, though! TeslaLollipop is the actual seller who made these fine decals for me, so I suggest using them if you can.

Excellent quality, quick turn-around (about a week, including the production of the decal and shipping it), and incredibly inexpensive pricing make this purchase something you should consider. Make sure to check out Etsy for any 3DS decorating you may desire, especially since we don’t quite have the option to change out cover plates on our Nintendo handhelds just yet!

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