If you want to dress up as the beloved hero of The Legend of Zelda franchise for Halloween this year, you’re in luck — kind of. Go shopping at the Spirit Halloween store, and you can dress up as the hero of Hyrule himself: Link. Sorry, that’s not his name; I meant to say, “Woodland Warrior”; otherwise known as “Elf Warrior” (wig not included).

The Elf Warrior Adult Mens Costume has a lovely description, which reads, “Tis said the little people rule the earth and perhaps it’s true – the elves shall rule on Halloween. Be one of the winners when you don this green and brown Elf Warrior adult mens costume and scout the party in search of spoils or trouble.” You can purchase this elvish look for $69.99 online. There’s also a deluxe version of this costume that is currently on sale, priced at $59.99.

There’s even a female costume for the ladies. It says, “Battle for the freedom of your people when you suit up in the Elf Warrior Princess Adult Women’s Costume. ” It’s not as extravagant as the men’s description, but at least you get to be princess. You can become a royal Woodland Warrior for $69.99, online only. There’s even a costume for the kids; one for older children, and an adorable one for younger children. Collect all these costumes, and you can assemble a whole family of Woodland Warriors for Halloween!

While these are just hilarious knock-offs of Link, the costumes are actually pretty nice. They may not be made to last and may cost more than they should, but they are great for those who don’t have the time or ability to make a good-looking Link costume.

The Spirit Halloween store has other costumes available for knock-off Nintendo characters, such as “Courageous Maria”, “Fearless Louisa”, and the “Sidekick Bros”; which you can check out on GoNintendo.

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