A recent Nintendo Direct showed off the many aspects of the upcoming Wii U action blockbuster, Bayonetta 2. One of the interesting elements of the presentation was a brief discussion point on the new bonus Nintendo-themed costumes.

The gameplay footage shows more of the Link costume in action, which is now titled “Hero of Hyrule” within the game. You can catch the stylish sorceress swinging the Master Sword at an enemy in the video, as well as her opening a chest to the welcoming sound of a Zelda jingle.

While the costume itself and how it will affect the game isn’t new, the footage in this Nintendo Direct most certainly is — so if you’re curious to see more, check out the Nintendo costumes section between 18:00 and 19:43. The other costumes are also featured, including a newly revealed Fox McCloud outfit. The Direct as a whole was a fantastic source of insight into the game, so watching the video in its entirety is highly recommended.

Please note: The gameplay in the video below contains bloody violence.

Nintendo Life had a chance to preview the game, and they too provided some footage of the Link costume.

Also, enjoy these animated GIFs from Tumblr user 8ayonetta.


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