Blind runs of video game playthroughs continue to impress me. I can’t imagine the time and skill that goes into memorising a game so thoroughly that you could play without using your eyes. Similarly, it’s amazing how people continue to discover new glitches in old games years later. Now imagine someone doing both these things, at the same time. By accident.

Twitch user 808Tokyoboi, during a run of Ocarina of Time completely blindfolded, met with an unexpected turn of events when a glitch occurred and disorientated his perception of Link’s surroundings.

While climbing to the top of a wall in the Spirit Temple, a Kees hits Link at the very top, launching him through the ceiling and out of the game’s bounds. Knowing the game inside-out, the streamer knew something was wrong instantly, even while blindfolded — but of course, had no idea where he was.

“Where is the wall?!”

The reaction from himself and the live chat are hilarious, as is watching Link running around wildly outside of the game area  — it’s a truly magnificent moment.

Please note: The following videos contain heavy profanity, and each has a window displaying the live Twitch chat room which also contains strong language.

As a bonus, 808Tokyoboi also uploaded a short clip of his reaction to the glitch, having seen what actually happened for the first time.

He’s continuing his blind run, and you can follow his progress live on Twitch, or recorded on YouTube.

On a related note, Ocarina of Time player Terry Garrett showed incredible talent a few years ago with his playthrough, being actually clinically blind. Check it out if you missed it.