Gamescom is the largest trade fair for interactive games. Unlike E3, which tends to focus more on the business side, Gamescom is open for private visitors. It closes the gap between the gaming industry and its fans, making it more of a community-based event. When you wait in lines, you’ll meet a lot of people, and all of them are passionate video game fans.

While we rushed from one place to another, we saw so many amazing cosplays that we decided to devote an entire article to them. Those of you who follow our Twitter may have seen one or two already, but we have plenty more great ones to show you. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did!

Gamescom_2014_1 (8)From left to right: Zelda by MokaLink by Der NogginZant by Lara Wegenaer Arts

Gamescom holds a competition each year that attracts amazing cosplayers. The people who craft these costumes put a lot of work, time and money to produce astounding detail; be it Zelda’s jewels and shoulder protectors, or Link’s sword and shield. You can clearly see that these aren’t the results of just a few hours’ work.

The Zant cosplay impressed me so much, that for a moment I caught myself praying to Hylia for a nearby Link to rush to my rescue. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was overwhelmed by the detail and love that was put into it, as it was nominated for the Cosplay of the Year Award!

Sheik’s harp may be destructive, but can it put up with Zant’s powerful moves? We’ll have to wait for Hyrule Warriors‘ release to answer that question.

Gamescom_2014_1 (5)

Zant by Lara Wegenaer Arts

The Legend of Zelda seems to have a wonderful collection of characters to cosplay. While many people choose the same characters, no cosplay looks the same. For example, some people tried something new with their weapon choice. We have seen a lot of swords and shields, but these two seem to prefer ranged weapons. Which one would you go for: the Hero’s Bow or the Gale Boomerang?

Gamescom_2014_1 (7)

It was like walking through the Lost Woods when I ran into this little fellow (left). The mischievous imp just giggled when I asked for directions to the merchandise hall. On my way there, I came across Midna. Her voice was nice to listen to, though sadly I don’t speak Twilit fluently. Also, I don’t recall her being this tall!

Gamescom_2014_1 (9)  We found Midna, but no wolves around?

Ghirahim entered the stage, though both Links seemed unimpressed. Though the game hasn’t yet been released, Link’s design from Zelda Wii U has proven to be very popular among fans. They might not come from the same era, but these cosplays look great together!

Gamescom_2014_1 (6)

Link (Zelda Wii U):by EcholoxLink (Hyrule Warriors) Kite

On Wednesday, we got a very special invitation. People from all over Hyrule, Lorule and Termina gathered their belongings and met up for a huge party. We managed to get almost everyone on one Pictograph — but who is protecting Hyrule right now?

The Legend of Zelda -- Meeting

Certainly not these folks! Great Fairy by SekundenzeigerHilda by RiikoZelda (A Link Between Worlds) by MokaLink (A Link Between Worlds) by Der NogginZelda (Ocarina of Time) by YusunaNavi by Maurauders CosplayLink (Wind Waker) by Cerulean_HypeZant by Lara Wegenaer Arts

Apparently Link from Hyrule Warriors has an eye for Zelda from Skyward Sword; she doesn’t seem to be uninterested either!

Hyrule Warriors meets Skyward Sword

Navi, can’t you give him a break for once?! Poor Link. Looks like Wind Waker Link has an idea on how to deal with the noisy problem, though, going by the mischievous smile.

Give me a break!

Navi by Maurauders CosplayLink (Wind Waker) by Cerulean_HypeLink (A Link Between Worlds) by Der Noggin

Here’s a rare one: who would have thought that the Great Fairy herself would join the party? And she has brought somebody with her from Hyrule Warriors’ battlefield. Is that Zelda’s evil counterpart?


Great Fairy by Sekundenzeiger


Navi by Maurauders CosplayLink (Wind Waker) by Cerulean_HypeLink (A Link Between Worlds) by Der NogginZelda (A Link Between Worlds) by MokaHilda (A Link Between Worlds) by Riiko,

Someone knows how to impress. Look who decided to drop by last minute: Dark Link!

Untitled 5

Zant by Lara Wegenaer Arts

Which cosplay is your favourite?