The Nintendo UK Store is a wondrous place for those seeking quality Nintendo merchandise, or even limited editions of new releases. Unsurprisingly, the latest update to the store doesn’t disappoint, and Zelda fans in particular may want to take note.

Here are the new additions, each of which you can pre-order:

We previously saw the Princess Zelda statue earlier this year on First 4 Figures, though this seems to be the first time it’s directly available via a UK-based retailer. All items are offered with free delivery.

There are many, many more fantastic products in the Zelda section of the store, including clothing, keychains and official Prima game guides.

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  • Daniel Goodwill

    Will they ship to the US?

    • Ryan Haney

      Good question. I want that bi-fold wallet.

    • Reece Heather

      Unfortunately not 🙁 their FAQ reads: “We do not ship our physical products outside the United Kingdom.”

      • Justin Narciso


  • CEObrainz

    Wow….I didn’t realise there were THAT many Zelda items in the online store, I might need to consider some purchases now…

  • Ser Ryan Banik

    If anyone wants something, my advice is to look into mail forwarding services online. I have a US, Japanese, UK and a couple other countries. You pay a fee, but most use couriers and the postage and fees are pretty reasonable.

    How it works, the site gives you a virtual address which ships to them, they get the parcel, weigh it and apply their fee to the item and then email you to pay the fee and postage. Most offer insurance at an additional fee. (I always pay insurance.)

    • Dylan

      Hey man can you help me get that jacket please I must have it just guide me on how I dont care please man.

      • Ser Ryan Banik

        Sign up to this.

        They send you a postal address. You use this address while filling in the postal/billing fields. Nintendo UK will send it to that address and once at that address you’ll receive an email with the price of shipping to you and a fee for the service.

  • Dylan

    I want that jacket my god please someone buy me it I need it I have a matching one with another color I need it I will pay just please.