On the seventh day of the seventh month of the Japanese solar-lunar calendar, the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi meet again after being separated by the river of the Milky Way. Or so goes the legend behind Tanabata–Japan’s star festival.

While this story may have hardly anything to do with The Legend of Zelda, fans may recognize something familiar in how the festival is celebrated. Towns are decorated in bright colors, parades and carnival games fill the streets, and fireworks and wish-making last through the night.

The uncanny similarity to the Carnival of Time in Majora’s Mask didn’t go unnoticed by Nintendo. To commemorate Tanabata this year, Nintendo released a wallpaper illustration of Link wearing Majora’s Mask at a firework festival. The hero is in traditional Japanese clothing, mixing the feel of the Japanese holiday with the excitement of completing the Nintendo 64 game. A keen eye will notice a Triforce etched in the mountains in the distance.

A mobile version is available too, so check it out!

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  • molly motes

    i can’t download it D: i can’t understand what the problem is either, since all the text is in japanese.

    • right click- save image as or set as desktop bg

      • Shawn Taylor

        For those having trouble downloading: the GoNintendo via linked at the bottom of the article sources this hi-res image:

        • Thanks I could not figure out how to save it.

  • Ferisae

    It’s not solely Majoras Mask themed. Its ZELDA themed. 🙂 That’s Twilight Princess Link, and the background is Ocarina of Time. 🙂 People may be hyping themselves over nothing. Masks are common in Tabanata wear, so they obviously went for the most popular mask in the Zelda lore hahaha

    I’m just saying, it’s better to take this with a huge grain of salt, although Nintendo has already confirmed that they’ve listened to fans’ screams 😛 but this might not have been intended as a tease, given this was only released in Japan, and the most enthusiastic MM-lovers are on the west xD I think the easter egg of the mask in ALBW was more of a tease 🙂

    It’s such a pretty illustration though, I wish they’d do more of these with more Holidays!

    • molly motes

      i just wish i could figure out how to download it XD

    • callum

      It’s MM background. Snow head to the left and the Observatory to the right of the the town.

      • norebo

        It’s OOT Hyrule. Hyrule Castle is in plain sight, and the building to the right of it is the Temple of Time, not the observatory.

        • callum

          Look closer. The temple of time doesn’t have a round top. Gerudo Valley isn’t a giant snowy mountain. And look at the town in the middle. You can see the clock tower. Flat on top because it’s open for the fire works. whatever mountain is behind it as you can see from the shading alone.

        • callum

          It’s MM the temple of time doesn’t have a round top like the Observatory. The Gerudo Valley isn’t a giant snowy mountain. The entrance to snow head even has the two pillars that are in the picture. And look closely at the town. The clock tower is set up and flat for fire works. There appears to be a mountain behind it. It’s clearly in the background. This is Dawn of a new day

  • 17Haru17 .

    Oh, come on Nintendo. You’re just teasing Majora’s Mask 3D now. The worst part is we have no idea if it’s even a project D: Ah well, at least the image is nice.