New Japanese gameplay footage of Hyrule Warriors lets us take a closer look at the upcoming game. This video allows us to take a glance at the selection screens and Lana’s battle styles.

The character selection suggests that Hyrule Warriors is featuring 13 characters. That means three remain unannounced for now. Also, only certain items seem to be available to all characters, such as the bow (we have seen it in Impa’s hands before), as well as the hook (Midna and Link also have shown us how to make use of it), and the bombs which have been featured in almost all trailers up till now.


Untitled 3

At the beginning of the battle footage, Lana focuses on water and ice moves, summoning ice spikes out of nowhere, and using her Deku staff as a melee weapon. In between the attacks, she switches to the Deku Leaf to blow her enemies off their feet. When facing a poisonous Deku Baba, we get to see the item selection menu that looks familiar. Interestingly, while Lana did use the Deku Leaf earlier, it is not listed here.

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In a cut scene we see Lana rescuing Agitha, who immediately shows off her bug selection. After the rescue, you automatically team up with Agitha who fights along your side. Note that Lana is not using any of the moves we featured in our earlier post, until she teams up with Agitha.

You can watch the video in its entirety below.

  • Ryan Haney

    Wow, she can summon the Great Deku Tree!

  • Deva Ashera

    I can’t help but wonder if the Character Select Screen Icons won’t shrink similarly to Mario Kart 8’s to fit more characters after a certain amount have been unlocked. For a Warriors game, I can’t help but feel 13 is a little on the short side, especially with them touting how many characters this game is supposed to have.

    • Santai Ivy

      That’s exactly what I was thinking =/

    • Loni

      Exactly the same amount of characters have been featured in the One Piece inspired game. I think it’s very likely that 13 is the final amount of characters we are gonna get till release.