The steady stream of Hyrule Warriors details continues this week. Following the Famitsu reveal that Fi would be a playable character in the Zelda spin-off, Tecmo Koei has released a massive amount of screenshots on their official site. Not only do we see Fi, Ghirahim and The Imprisoned in action, but Link and Zelda have new weapons to take to the field of battle.

Nintendo Everything released a translation of the Famitsu scans as well. Included are details on characters, stages, plot and gameplay. Important points from the translation are included below with the relevant screens, so read on for the latest news.


To start off we have the star of the new screens: Fi. We already saw her gameplay trailer, but these images offer a detailed look at the key moments in the video. She keeps her iconic appearance from Skyward Sword, and her relationship to Link seems to be very similar as well.

Hyrule Warriors trailer - Fi

Hyrule Warriors Fi Link

Hyrule Warriors Fi

Fi will move by floating through the air. Her attacks are based on her dance movements seen in the Wii game, but she also adopts a series of magical attacks. One seems to be based on the powers of the Goddesses, with red, green, and blue flames much like those used to temper the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword.

Hyrule Warriors Fi

Hyrule Warriors Fi

Fi Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Fi

Nintendo of America captioned several of the images of Fi on their Facebook page. Here’s what they had to say:

“Fi is the spirit of the ‘Goddess Sword’ sealed inside the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. Once the worlds became fused together, Fi was transported from the world of Skyward Sword into the world of Hyrule Warriors.

“With extensive knowledge and a highly analytical mind, Fi thinks things through logically and offers advice and wisdom to whoever holds the sword. Its body is made of a blue, metal-like material. Although it has the appearance of a young girl, Fi is genderless and does not have emotions.

“Fi floats and moves in the air, and transforms into a sword to attack.”

Hyrule Warriors Fi Link

Hyrule Warriors Goddess Sword Fi



Ghirahim is back, and as fabulous as ever. The images show the villain emerging from a portal similar to ones we’ve seen Cia create in the past. The images below show him in a new area, the Sealed Temple.

Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim

Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim Gate of Time

Hyrule Warriors Link Ghirahim

On the Facebook page:

“Ghirahim is the Demon Lord who tried to resurrect his master; the leader of the demons who was sealed away. He is enormously proud of himself, and vain about his own appearance. He may appear to be formal and polite at first, but once he loses his temper, his brutal and cruel nature emerges.

“He attacks with multiple knives in the air, or transforms himself into a giant blade to slash his enemy in a single sweep. He is skilled with swords of all kind, and also good at confusing his enemies with his teleportation ability and by summoning demons.

“When he loses his composure, he transforms to enhance his power and increase his attack abilities.”

ghirahim Hyrule Warriors

ghirahim Hyrule Warriors

ghirahim Hyrule Warriors


The Imprisoned

While a remnant of the King of Demons, The Imprisoned appears as if he will still be a formidable enemy. He appears in the Sealed Grounds area, and he displays a move not seen in Skyward Sword: he can spew forth some sort of dark liquid or energy. His weak point appears to remain in his soft toes, however.

Hyrule Warriors The Imprisoned

Hyrule Warriors Imprisoned

On the Facebook page:

“His entire body is covered in hard, scale-like protrusions. On top of his head you can see the stake that was once used to seal him away, but due to his massive size, you won’t be able to attack it directly. There are, however, some soft, white areas at the tips of his toes….

“The Imprisoned is a massive, mountainous beast whose heavy stomping creates powerful shockwaves that can blow away anything nearby. The dark beast who was imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds in the world of Skyward Sword. He is believed to have the power to lead the world to destruction.”

These next screens show Fi’s attempt to bring the monster down.

Hyrule Warriors Imprisoned

Hyrule Warriors Imprisoned


Link: Ball and Chain

Link seems to have found a new weapon in these screenshots. From Twilight Princess returns the Ball and Chain. This will be one of Link’s primary weapon options, along with the Hylian Sword and Magic Rod. The Ball and Chain is so heavy, however, that Link will require the use of magical Power Gloves to even hold the weapon.

Hyrule Warriors Ball and Chain Link

Once he has it in his hands, though, Link can make short work of enemies. We see him plunge the spiked ball deep into a sea of Bokoblins. He will also be able to swing the device around to knock enemies over.

Hyrule Warriors Link ball and chain

Hyrule Warriors Ball and Chain

Hyrule Warriors Link Ball and Chain


Link: Power Gloves

Link will also have the option of dropping the Ball and Chain and rely only on the Power Gloves. Like the Golden Gauntlets of Ocarina of Time, these gloves allow Link to lift incredible weights. Giant pots, enemies, and even towering pillars of stone can be thrown aside if Link is wearing the Power Gloves.

Hyrule Warriors Link Gauntlets

Hyrule Warriors gauntlets

Hyrule Warriors gauntlets

Hyrule Warriors Link gauntlets

It also seems the gloves can be used for direct attack as well. It looks like Link is going into full-on brawl mode, taking monsters down in hand-to-hand combat. With the Power Gloves, however, they don’t seem to stand a chance.

Hyrule Warriors Link Ball and Chain


Zelda: Wind Waker

Link isn’t the only one with a new toy. Princess Zelda is seen with a conductor’s baton that looks eerily similar to the Wind Waker. Given that the Waker was passed through the Royal Family (according to The Wind Waker‘s backstory), it makes perfect sense for the Princess to bring the musical device into battle.

Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda

The baton has attacks that you would expect. It can summon gusts of wind, tornadoes, and melodic sounds. Winds can sweep away a monster, while sound-based attacks can zap foes with electricity. The translations from Famitsu also indicate that Zelda can conduct songs with the Wind Waker, bringing their magical effects to her side.

Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda Baton Wind Waker

Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda baton

Hyrule Warriors Zelda Baton

In the images below, we see the bombastic force of the Wind Waker’s magic. The last image even shows a staff of music and several musical notes racing by Zelda to electrify a pile of Bokoblins.

Hyrule Warriors Zelda

Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda

Hyrule Warriors Zelda Baton



While not a primary item, the Bow is available in the game. It appears to be much like the Bombs and the Hookshot, in that it can be collected on the field and used by whatever character you are playing as. However, the screens below only show Link firing arrows.

The Bow can attack a single enemy, or several at once. Famitsu also reports that it will cause a “weak spot gauge” to appear longer when used correctly, which seems like it can lead to an advantage in battle.

Hyrule Warriors Link Bow

Hyrule Warriors Link Bow



  • Is it just me, or does the Ball and Chain’s Texture look pretty bad compared to everything else? It is probably just the close up, though.

    Thanks for keeping us updated with all these screens, ZU!

    • CEObrainz

      To me it looks like they upped the resolution from the Twilight Princess textures. I think if they removed all the “dirt and grime” that’s supposed to be in the texture you’d wouldn’t notice as much….

  • veeronic

    guess this confirms demise is not the main villain… probably will be majora

    • Chimpy

      The main villain seems to be cia or how she is called
      I read that somewhere before

      • veeronic

        it also said she was possessed by a dark force, I’m just hoping it’s not ganondorf so he’s more likely to be playable

        • JaidynReiman

          I think the enemies will be playable in other modes. That said, I think its very possible Majora might be the final boss, since it is supposed to be an entity sealed inside the mask.

          • Davad

            Outside of fan fiction Majora really isn’t built to be the Zelda leader of all evil. Honestly, why would it be Majora?

          • CEObrainz

            Well we haven’t seem a Majora that wasn’t sealed in that mask, for all we know it could be the very embodiment of evil (very unlikely).

  • jenald12

    I’m so souped for this game. A big fan of dynasty warriors since 3 and I just bought gundam: dynasty warriors reborn. I know for a fact Ghiraham has to be playable. He’s probably the lubu of this game. Almost every important character you face in a dynasty warrior game, you can play. I can’t see why it wouldn’t happen

  • Sam Curtis

    It would be nice if we had those “OMG its you!” moments. And we need some MM and WW love in this game

    • CEObrainz

      That would be very cool indeed. Since we haven’t seen the final version the game may have those scenes included.

  • Ryan Haney

    Zelda is really well built. 😮

    • She’s actually very thin. It’s probably her armor that makes her look bulkier.

  • Sydney Roesch

    Include Groose and the Groosenator and this game is complete!!! 😀

    Maybe Epona and some Loftwings as well?

  • Richard Rahl

    I hope majora will be a playable character

  • CEObrainz

    I’m still hoping for a 2 on 2 online mode, that would be one of the best features if included.

  • nightkyubii