We’ve seen many Hyrule Warriors trailers lately, with Tecmo Koei releasing at least one new video for each known character. Now, Midna takes the stage to show off her skills — and she’s not alone! Together with her loyal wolf comrade, the princess of the Twilight Realm rampages on through Goblins and finds herself face-to-face with Argorok, the Twilit Dragon.

It seems Midna still has a strong affinity to wolves, even those that aren’t Link. She rides on the back of one to traverse, and can use her power to summon even more of her loyal friends to fight for her.

When not riding, she floats in the air just as she did in Twilight Princess. She can turn her hair into a huge hand; slapping, smashing and crushing her way through crowds. It looks quite impressive when she combines her powers together, sending enemies flying in the air and pushing them around like mere toys.

After she’s done with that little spectacle, she finally shows us what appears to be her most powerful move. Midna summons the missing pieces of the Fused Shadow helmet,  further conjuring the dark power she possesses. Just as she did in Twilight Princess as a last desperate attempt to support Link, she turns again into a huge spider-like form, wielding a spear threateningly in one of her legs.