The Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed new information for Hyrule Warriors, including new characters, weapons, attacks and abilities.

Back from Twilight Princess is Agitha, “Princess of Bugs.” This marks her first appearance in a video game since her brief cameo as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The addition of Agitha is pretty unexpected, but nonetheless is a cool concept. Not many people would suspect such a cute little girl to be a vicious fighter. Little Agitha whips out her parasol to bludgeon her enemies. She also calls on her friends from the insect kingdom to help her out in battle.


Lana is a brand new character created specifically for Hyrule Warriors. You may recognize her as the mysterious girl in blue on the box art. A white witch, she carries her book of magic that she uses to form magical barriers, keeping enemies at bay. Break the barrier and everything and everyone, including Lana, gets damaged by the shock.


We previously learned that The Great Fairy can summon the Moon from Majora’s Mask. According to Famitsu, she’s not the only one with that power. All it takes is the proper strengthening item (we don’t have specifics yet), and you too can bring down the Moon.

Another return from the Zelda games is Link’s Hookshot. Its job in Hyrule Warriors is no different than usual; Link uses it to access locations he can’t reach by normally walking or climbing.

Hyrule Warriors comes out in Japan on August 14, UK September 19, and North America September 26.

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