The next installment in the Zelda series has been formally announced for the Wii U during Nintendo’s Digital Event today at E3 with a tentative release date of 2015. While no formal title has yet been announced, a beautiful trailer of the game accompanied its reveal, showing off a graphical style similar to that of Skyward Sword. Surprisingly, Link (or is it Link?) does not don his signature green tunic or hat, instead trading those in for a ponytail and blue attire, as well as a magnificent bow! On horseback, Link battles a large creature in a fight to the death in an open world Zelda game!

Kotaku has reported that all of the footage of the new Zelda title was in-engine, and not pre-rendered per a Nintendo rep, showing off the graphical prowess of the Wii U. However, the footage was not taken from a gameplay perspective.





Eiji Aonuma introduces the reveal, discussing the game and how the conventions of the Zelda series have changed.

“It’s quite a vast world, isn’t it? You can even reach those mountains in the distance, if you walk far enough.

“We couldn’t create such a wide world like this in the past. As far as what you can do with such a vast field to explore, as soon as those boundaries are removed, it means you can enter any area from any direction. So the puzzle-solving in this game begins the moment the player starts to think about where they wanna go; how they will get there, and what they will do when they arrive. This is a clean break from the conventions of past games in the Zelda series, where you had to follow the set path and play through the scenario in the right order.

“I believe this departure will create opportunities for new gameplay that have not been experienced in previous Zelda games. As you can see, and as you know from the Zelda series, the world in these games can be quite peaceful. However, it is a Zelda game after all, so strong enemies will certainly appear, even in this setting. Powerful enemies appearing in such a peaceful world is one of the defining features of the Zelda series.”

As one of the most anticipated games for the Wii U, we will definitely be looking for more news about Zelda for Wii U as it comes!

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  • JaidynReiman

    Honestly, I swear Link is a girl in this game. Other than lack of breasts he looks incredibly feminine (and considering we had Sheik…)

    Open World Zelda game is awesome, though. Don’t care for the graphical style but the graphics still look amazing.

    • Chris Wunsch

      Fun fact: Link has always been feminine build wise.

      • JaidynReiman

        He looks even MORE girly now than ever before.

      • firstname lastname

        No he hasn’t. He’s been pre-pubescent for the most part.

    • Mister Brek

      Forget the stupid hair, most of the time we will see him with his tunic on. What do you want them to do, make Link have a beard?

      • Nintendude

        This is what it would look like of Smooth McGroove cosplayed as Link.

    • Anthony Moseley

      He looks more anime styled than previous incarnations, and most males in anime look feminine anyways.

    • zigzagoon

      lmao, nothing wrong with looking a bit feminine

  • Elias Thompson

    I uploaded a full version of of the reveal!

  • firstname lastname

    Link’s outfit in this reminds me of what Wind Waker’s Link wore before he got the traditional green clothes. Wonder if that’s intentional or not.

    • Anthony Moseley

      I noticed that too. My guess is that it’s just a passing reference and probably won’t have anything to do with the plot/timeline placement. Similar to Majora’s Mask being in A Link Between Worlds.

  • Anthony Moseley

    Love the graphical style. Yes, I know fanboys want a dark, gritty Zelda like Twilight Princes…but it’s been done before so get over it. I’m glad Nintendo tries to make their games look unique rather than making them look like everything else. It’s like…Shadow of the Colossus meets Skyrim, and I love every bit of it.

    • Chad

      I’d kind of like them to alternate to be honest. The Legend of Zelda has benefited a lot from switching art styles. Many people got attached to WW just like I did with MM. I’d like to see a dark gritty style again. I feel like there is a lot of toony looking stuff on the WiiU right now and a dark Zelda would help change the perspective of the WiiU and boost sales. I’ll take any Zelda I can get though, Aonuma always does a great job!

    • LukeF

      Love love love the new art style… it suits the whimsy of Zelda so well. Absolutely a great evolution of the SS art style on hardware that can do it justice. Bring it on!

    • Pedro Vasconcelos

      You know, I actually thought the game would be a colorful kind of realistic before I saw Link

      • Chad

        Yeah me too. I think Link is the real problem here. The rest of the art style is nice. Of course the game isn’t finalized so Link is probably still being worked on.

  • Eitot

    Doesn’t look very impressive. I wasn’t too fond of the bright Skyward Sword look, but this style seems to take another edge off with its cell-shaded anime style. I thought we were past that.

    That being said, the open-world concept is definitely the right direction, although I seem to remember that we’ve heard those promises for Skyward Sword too. I remain reserved this time.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    ok, not crazy about the ponytail, it’s kinda weird to me….but I guess I could try to ignore that. is gunna be distracting when I play tho. as for the outfit, yah it reminds me of Links pajamas at the beginning of WW, or all through WWs second quest. graphics, yah it’s a lot like Skyward Sword, but it’s deffinetly better. when I first seen it, my first thought was that it looks a lot more like WW than Skyward Sword did, but at the same time I immediately noticed that it seemed to have a lot more detail. it’s like this is what they were trying to do with SS, but hadn’t really perfected. so they used this game and the new Wii U to take it about 6 steps farther.
    now, as for the robo spider thing, I guess I can’t complain TOO much. but it really doesn’t feel Zelda to me. it certainly makes things interesting tho. I mean yah, you can compare it to Kokloktos or whatever from SS, Beamos, Armos, the statues you can posses in WW and TP. so I guess it’s alright. but a giant robotic trigger happy spider thing running crazily around Hyrule Field….what can I even say about that? I just don’t really like it.
    also, Links’ arrows. those I don’t like. at first he was firering fancy lookin bomb arrows. I’m cool with that. but that Techno-Arrow? really? that is what really throws things off with this who Hyrule Tech thing for me. I don’t know if I could handle playing a Zelda game while using Xeno-Arrows. >.> but I can stand a change from the tunic, as much as I love the green thing. blue is my second favourite color, so I guess that helps to. plus the fact that Link did it through the second quest of WW as I mentioned before.
    BUT, IF this is REALLY the “Heros defeat, Hyrule in DECLINE” timeline, then why have they been so greatly ADVANCING in technology? if this were more like, Pre-SS, I would find all this to be FAR more acceptable.
    (and for those of you who will argue against my opinions, they are my opinions. pretty much everything I’ve said here has been subjective, so :P)

    • Marco

      A) We don’t know anything about the setting yet. That may be Hyrule Field just as it may be a new are altogether. B) We don’t know if thats an Arrow or an especial item of some sorts. C) What makes you think this is in the Hero’s Defeat Timeline?

      • JaidynReiman

        I’m starting to think it is Hero’s Defeat Timeline, and its post-AOL. (And that its Zelda we’re seeing, not Link.)

      • GreenLinkMaster

        I read a bunch of other comments from people saying stuff about it probs being the Hero fail timeline. that part at the bottom of my comment where I mentioned that, was my argument against that 😛
        oh, and by the way Marco……..Polo! XD

      • craZ

        Y’know, the girl from Nintendo Minute stated something about when Eiji Anouma, did the little flicking thing, “Hyrule” appeared out of nowhere.

  • Nyctale

    I’m really liking it, it has tons of little details.
    I find it funny that no one realize the meaning of having the Beamos/Squid. It destroyed rocks, a bridge, etc. made things go ka-boom.
    ^this= destruction of the environment by the player.
    Ex: you could create traps with explosive to crush enemies under boulders, dig out an entire dungeon out of the ground, lure certain explosive enemies to create a path…

    The only thing that irked me were Link’s sidelocks. I always a problem with those in ALTTP/OOX, etc XD

    And for those saying he doesn’t look manly…gee! Link is like 13 in the teaser (looks like) Puberty probably hadn’t hit yet.

  • Yusikami


  • Yusikami


  • Johann Davies

    It looks friggin beautiful.

  • Sharkeisha

    i am dying i need this now please

  • Trinosaur

    I love this Link design so much. I love it. He’s so pretty!

  • Nick

    I’m wondering if their choice on the art style was a mix of 1) Not wanting to repeat art styles and 2) The Wii U couldn’t process an open world + tons of great lifelike detail at the same time. They said that Mario Kart was pushing the Wii U to its processing extremes, so I’m not sure if what I mentioned in #2 is correct, but it seems likely. I’m sure whatever Nintendo decides to do with this will be good! I really am feeling a bit tired out by having a bunch of similar “cartoony” art styles in a row (and I wanted a realistic one), but I’m so excited that we’re getting this game! 😀
    Let’s hope there are lots of dungeons too 🙂

  • Guest

    I don’t understand why they have to keep diffusion levels so high. While I am one who would prefer a dark, grittier Zelda release, I respect their artistic styles every time. Although I don’t understand why they can’t use this graphical style and tone down the brightness? Not only do visuals become clearer, you lose the cartoony tone even if the designs themselves are still..well..cartoony. A quick exposure alteration on this screenshot and suddenly the game looks clearer and in my opinion, better.

  • Chris

    I don’t understand why they have to keep diffusion levels so high. While I am one who would prefer a dark, grittier Zelda release, I respect their artistic styles every time. Although I don’t understand why they can’t use this graphical style and tone down the brightness? Not only do visuals become clearer, you lose the cartoony tone even if the designs themselves are still..well..cartoony. A quick exposure alteration on this screenshot and suddenly the game looks clearer and in my opinion, much better.

    • Marco

      That’s basically OoT3D/MM, lol. Although I think that’s an amazing style, I personally don’t want to see it again for a third time, but I can’t deny how pretty this looks.

    • Robert Powers Anderson

      it looks almost the same just at a different time of day?

  • craZ

    Awesome game, although I would have LOVED to see more footage. Now for Zelda Williams to announce MM3D…

  • Starbucks Hitler

    They hit it. The perfect artstyle. This is soo goooooood :3

  • justinpr1234

    MY E3 BODY IS READY (for another trailer this one is way too short and doesn’t explain ANYTHING (except for mabey posible high tec items and enimys (and yes im useing parrenthesies too much)))

  • Rupert

    Are we finally getting an open world Zelda game? Will this game be what early TP screens made the game out to be? Please don’t disappoint me this time, Ninty. Don’t make this another bait-and-switch case. I want to be able to freely explore Hyrule and enjoy Zelda games again.

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