Nintendo has recently announced via their Twitter that they will host another Game Seminar later this year. The event is open to university students of Japan in the Tokyo Metropolitan or Kansai Region and will allow them the incredible opportunity to partake in the craft of game making under the wing of Nintendo’s own gaming developers.

According to the official website for the seminar, registration will take place from June 16th to the 29th, with the actual event starting August of 2014 and ending in March of 2015. Applicants will be given a written test that they will be required to pass in order to move on to the final stage, which is a private interview to secure their spot for the seminar.

This year, the workshops are said to focus mainly on development for 2D Unity titles for the Wii U. Unity is an integrated development environment spanning multiple platforms and used by over one million developers worldwide. Highlights include fast and powerful 3D graphic functionality, animation, AI, scripts and SFX. Nintendo and Unity partnered together last year, allowing developers free tools and licensing to bring their content to the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

Nintendo is doing an awesome thing by aiding a new generation of video game developers in Japan, hopefully someday they will offer similar workshops and events in more parts of the world so that others can take advantage of this amazing opportunity and experience the splendor and profundity behind game development.

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