I’ve always been a fan of the Oracle games, and the soundtracks of both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are tremendously underrated in my eyes. While other games in the series may have grander and generally more orchestral soundtracks, the soundtrack of the Oracle games were much simpler in scale due to the limited capabilities of the Game Boy Color. Just because the music was simpler doesn’t mean that the quality was diminished — the music from the Oracle games are catchy, and set the mood for the various dungeons and locations that Link travels to throughout the game.

I’m not the only one who appreciates the music of the games. In fact, Rêvasser Network has just released a fan arrangement album titled “Lime of the Seasons“. The soundtrack contains remixes of music from Oracle of Seasons, and complements the previously released ‘Essence of Lime’ album, which covered Oracle of Ages. What makes the album unique is the attention to detail that went into the arrangement of every piece. Each piece of music from the album is assigned a specific season and is arranged according to certain sound characteristics within that season. For example, a piece assigned to spring may feature the sounds and feelings of a rainy day, while a piece assigned to autumn may represent a chilly morning. 

If you’re a fan of the music from the Oracle games, or just want to listen to some good fan arrangements of music from the Zelda series, be sure to check this album out! A lot of effort went into creating this album, and the quality of the work more than shows for it.