It’s almost summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and the ocean is calling. It’s time to hit the beach! This week, we’ve got some music that will put you in the summertime mood, so grab your sunglasses and a tropical drink and check out this week’s Music Monday. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, hopefully these song selections will help you think warm thoughts to get you through the winter.

Alex’s pick

As summer in the northern hemisphere draws closer, many of us enjoy going to the beach to cool off from the hot weather, or even just to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The shining sun, the warm sand beneath your feet, and the calming sound of the rocking waves is the perfect summer atmosphere. Isac Saleh’s solo acoustic guitar cover of the classic Dragon Roost Island theme from The Wind Waker paints the ideal image of spending time on an island during a nice summer day and simply enjoying the weather and relaxing environment.

Amanda’s pick

The beach has got to be my absolute favorite place on the planet, aside from Disney World of course. I’m not picky about which one I go to, as long as there’s an ocean I can swim in, I’m happy. My love for swimming and the ocean is probably why I love Zora’s Domain so much. For this week’s pick, I went with a piano and guitar duet of Zora’s Domain by krissalad and DSC. It’s so relaxing, I can almost feel the salty air.