During their press tour for the movie Neighbors (or Bad Neighbours as it’s known in the UK and Australia), actors Zac Efron and Dave Franco made a visit to Geek Bomb, where they briefly discussed one of the more important topics in life, the Legend of Zelda series. In the video, Efron states that Ocarina of Time is his favorite game of all time, and even references the dreaded Water Temple. I cannot express enough how frustrating the Water Temple was for me back in the day — I can recall hours and hours spent attempting to lower the water levels while shouting just about every curse word an average 11-year-old could possibly know.

Towards the end of the video, Dave mentions he spent his time during college playing Zelda. But was it just me, or did it look like he had no idea what the Triforce symbol meant on Maude’s finger?


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  • VladNorris

    And suddenly, even more gullible girls become fake gamer girls because Zack likes it.

  • Jonathan Lahdo

    It was pretty obvious that Dave didn’t know what was going on. He just sat there agreeing with Zac. Also, considering it was his favourite game of all time surely he would’ve been able to remember the game’s name? As in, not ‘Zelda for N64’ which also refers to Majora’s Mask

    • Lauren Mermini

      Dave definitely seemed clueless, or just not as aware. Efron said in that little moment “you played zelda for n64 or which one?” And then immediately mentioned the water temple. I’d say he has a decent handle on the game if he knows the symbol, knows the system for a pinnacle game in the series, knows there are tons of others, and then distinctly mentions the water temple (that damn temple lol).
      I’ve had a lot of conversations about zelda with clueless people and you say the words water temple and they go “derp” or don’t know there are more than 1-2 zelda games.