Members of the band On Being Human have released an incredible remix of the original NES The Legend of Zelda soundtrack as a preview of their upcoming album, “The Humans are Coming! Vol. 2.” The album will feature a collection of covers of different video game music, all with the band’s “adventure rock” feel, as they call it. But for listeners who like what they hear and are willing to cough up some dough, the band is offering exciting perks to those who donate to their Indiegogo campaign.

Donors who give at least $200 can select any video game song of their choice for the band to cover. For twice that much, the band will cover a medley of songs from any video game of choice. The tracks will appear on their upcoming “The Humans are Coming! Vol. 2” album, the sequel to last year’s “The Humans are Coming!” that featured songs from classic video games including Zelda II and Super Metroid.

The donations will help the band produce their upcoming LP “In Search of Adam.” The band, comprised of members Travis Baker, Beau Trembly, Greg Lesondak, Gustin Flaig and Greg Johnson, is planning on hiring Diamond-selling producer Arnold Lanni and recording in a high-quality studio, and those goods don’t come cheap. At of the time of this writing, the Indiegogo campaign has raised $8,650 of its $25,000 goal, with just 13 days remaining. However, according to the Indiegogo page, a lack of donations won’t stop the band: “If we don’t reach our go [sic], that will not stop this process! We are already all in and will bare the burden ourselves if need be because we believe that investing in ourselves is the best thing to invest in.”

Listening to their past work, I would be very interested to see how they treat other iconic Zelda songs, especially from the series’ more recent entries. What songs do you wish the band would cover?