Thanks to Etsy seller tees tee, there’s no need to fear being left defenseless while having a nice tea party. With a unique and detailed design, this Hylian Shield cookie cutter will help you successfully ward off evil.

The 3.5″ x 3″ cookie cutter is great not only for cookie dough, but for shaping soft fruits, cheeses, bread or even play dough. The cookie cutter is made out of eco-friendly biodegrading PLA plastic. As such, it’s not dishwasher safe.

This hand-made item is made to order, so it may take some time until it gets shipped.

For a mere $14.99 (plus additional shipping costs), you can serve properly shaped cookies for your next tea party!

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  • Shona

    This is fantastic! I’d like to have seen pictures of finished cookies though, because cookie dough normally expands and rises so I’m not sure how much like a shield it would look like at the end.

  • True Davad

    This is amazing! Zelda Universe Highlights so many am amazing fan projects. I want it!

  • CEObrainz

    Wouldn’t mind having some metal ones, that would hopefully last much longer.

  • JaidynReiman

    This is neat, for $15 that’s kinda high for plastic cookie cutters though. Granted, it is hand-made and made-to-order, so it makes sense why its so high.

  • richa

    it looks amazing but………I think it will be a gian blob if it comes out of the oven.. :/

  • margar

    A cake or cookie decorator could use it to “flood” colored royal icing. It would basically paint the picture on top of the cookie.

    • margar

      Or to cut fondant, which can be painted…..