A little less than a week ago, renowned speedrunner Cosmo Wright broke the world record for completion time in Ocarina of Time, completing the game in 18 minutes and 56 seconds. Well, Cosmo has broke his own record, again. Yesterday, he managed to pull off an amazing run that beat his short-lived world record, completing Ocarina of Time in 18 minutes and 51 seconds — a five second improvement. Although Cosmo lost some time early on in the run, he managed to pull off an incredible Hyper Extended Super Slide (commonly referred to as a “HESS”) during the collapse of Ganon’s Tower. This particular trick only has an 8% chance of succeeding, so it’s impressive that Cosmo managed to pull it off; successfully accomplishing this trick was a key component in setting this new world record. Cosmo does an excellent job of describing this technique in his run, and it’s fascinating to witness it in action.

It’s also interesting to note that Cosmo is playing the game on the Chinese iQue Player. The iQue Player is a console based on the Nintendo 64 that was officially released by Nintendo in China, and select games were ported over to the console, including Ocarina of Time. The iQue version of Ocarina of Time is the fastest version of the game available, due to the iQue’s faster hardware, and the fact that the Chinese text scrolls faster than the text in both the English and Japanese versions of the game.

Cosmo is aiming for a time of under 18:45 (minutes:seconds), and is hoping to eventually break the 18:30 mark. Although those numbers seem far out, they are definitely possible with further optimization, and better luck on certain sections. If you’re interested in reading up on tricks used in the run or are at all interested in what is involved in speedrunning not just Ocarina of Time, but Zelda games in particular, then check out ZeldaSpeedRuns.com, which has essentially everything you need to know about Zelda speedrunning. Without further adieu, check out the run below!