The Master Sword is perhaps one of the most iconic swords in not only The Legend of Zelda series, but in all of video games. Since A Link to the Past, Link has often had to acquire The Blade of Evil’s Bane in order to conquer the evil forces that plague the world. The blade’s influence extends outside of the Zelda games too; the recently released Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4 contains a sword that looks to be heavily inspired by The Master Sword from the Zelda series. The sword is similar in appearance of the Master Sword in nearly every way, but there is one small change made to its design — the end of the blade is split. The player can’t wield the sword, but it’s interesting to see easter eggs from the Zelda series in non-Nintendo games. You can view a blown-up image of the blade below.

Master Sword inFAMOUS

  • SA

    Everybody seems to love Nintendo, but nobody wants to put their games in a Nintendo console. F their games.

    • Reece Heather

      Sucker Punch is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment; so they couldn’t make this a Wii U title even if they wanted to.

  • 17Haru17 .

    Nintendo is obviously a huge part of video game culture. Everyone benefiting from that culture while not supporting it is called a free ride benefit; a concept in political science. It’s not anyone’s fault in particular that the Wii U isn’t doing well, but it is a shame. You shouldn’t disregard other games because they aren’t on a Nintendo system; especially Sony’s first party games, they’re typically great.

  • CEObrainz

    I wouldn’t mind seeing that kind of sword in the next Zelda game, I’m sure that the Eiji Aonuma and the team know what their doing and will deliver an eye-candy galore feast for the Wii U.

  • Morgan

    EA did the same thing in Call of Duty Ghosts with the Rupees I believe. Nice easter egg.

    • mokalovesoulmate

      I think it is Infinity Ward…not EA 😀

      • Morgan

        yeah true IW/whoever the other company is developed COD: Ghosts. EA was the publisher. My bad.

        • 17Haru17 .

          No, EA’s Battlefield is CoD’s main compeditor. Activision is the publisher for Call of Duty and Treyark, Infinity Ward, and a new studio the developers.

          • Morgan

            duh. Activision. I had a stupid moment there, heh. but this time it wasn’t just Infinity Ward but Sledgehammer who developed as well.

  • William Winslow

    looks more like Roy’s sword from F.E. 6 than the Master Sword. Either way, awesome though.

  • veeronic

    ONE small change?

    • Carbon Hydra

      It has more than one. They pointed out the smallest detail possible on the sword that has the changed appearance. but the part of the hilt looks like the crest of the Hylians.

  • Bruce Fauble

    The cross piece on the pummel points down to ward the hand. On the Master Sword, the cross piece points up towards the tip on the blade.

    More than one change, and certainly neither are small. The only thing it really borrows from the Master Sword is the color scheme.

    • Morgan

      it also seems to take from the swords in the original two Zelda games from their cover with being more “pointy”, but it’s most definitely Zelda-inspired. They couldn’t just copy the MS due to copyright. but. I think regardless it’s a cool easter egg.

      • Carson G. Smith

        There is no confirmation on this and there are enough changes on the design to warrant this to be a mild coincidence that starved Zelda fans want to see.

  • The Green Hylian

    Uh…. take a closer look. That is most definitely not the Master Sword….

    • Morgan

      of course they can’t take it exactly because of licensing reasons. but it is most definitely inspired by it, heavily, and different versions too.