The Master Sword is perhaps one of the most iconic swords in not only The Legend of Zelda series, but in all of video games. Since A Link to the Past, Link has often had to acquire The Blade of Evil’s Bane in order to conquer the evil forces that plague the world. The blade’s influence extends outside of the Zelda games too; the recently released Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4 contains a sword that looks to be heavily inspired by The Master Sword from the Zelda series. The sword is similar in appearance of the Master Sword in nearly every way, but there is one small change made to its design — the end of the blade is split. The player can’t wield the sword, but it’s interesting to see easter eggs from the Zelda series in non-Nintendo games. You can view a blown-up image of the blade below.

Master Sword inFAMOUS