Cosplay was a big part of CD-i Month last year. Despite the relative obscurity of the CD-i Zelda games, I was delighted to discover that several people had donned brightly colored clothes, wigs and in some cases, beards — transforming themselves into the meme-worthy characters portrayed in the cutscenes. With a plethora of Kings, a few Princess Zeldas and even a Morshu, there was enough cosplay for a weekly feature in 2013. In the year that has passed since then, I eagerly hoped that more CD-i Zelda costumes were being created. Sure enough, I was able to find some new photos of cosplayers. The Symphony of the Goddesses in particular attracted King Harkinian.

CD-i king cosplay

This king cosplayer was spotted attending a Symphony of the Goddesses concert by Aka Maple. Looking very regal and thoughtful, he might be contemplating the reason why there was no music from Link: The Faces of Evil or Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon featured in the symphony.

CD-i Zelda king cosplay

A more casual version of the king was spotted at another Symphony of the Goddesses concert by Mila137. With an orange shirt and jeans replacing his formal robes, this king looks like he’s all about having a good time.

CD-i Zelda Gwonam cosplay

Although Gwonam is the one who comes to Link for help with saving Koridai, I can’t help but feel that he comes across as rather sinister in some of his scenes. HeinzDrosselmeyer does a wonderful job of capturing that side of Gwonam perfectly. He’s also the first Gwonam cosplayer that I’ve ever seen so major kudos to him.

For the second year in a row, CD-i Link cosplay eludes my searches.

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