Zelda Universe CD-i video contest

We wouldn’t be celebrating CD-ii Month properly without holding a contest and giving away some great prizes. Don’t worry, we’re not giving away copies of Wand of Gamelon or Faces of Evil! Fangamer have kindly sent us some of their awesome Zelda-themed merchandise which the winner of this contest will receive.

To enter, you’ll need to make a CD-i Zelda-themed video.  The type of video is up to you. It can be anything such as YouTube poop, talking about the CD-i games, or a short movie as long as it’s related to the CD-i games.  Send your entries to contest@zeldauniverse.net by the 26th of March. The best video will be featured on our site and YouTube channel and will win the following prizes courtesy of Fangamer.

Zelda Universe Fangamer Contest

This beautiful “Antiquated Trinity” pendant is one of Fangamer’s new Zelda-related products. Made from allergen-free zinc alloy, the 7/8″ pendant sits on a 19″ soft leather cord with clasp.

Zelda Universe Fangamer Contest

“Playing Cards of Legend” contains suites of swords, hearts, Rupees and Triforces, and featuring familiar characters, these cards are printed on poker-sized, Bicycle-grade paper with an embossed finish.

If this sounds great to you, grab your video-making stuff and we look forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!