Recently, Nintendo held an Art Academy: SketchPad drawing contest, with the theme of A Link Between Worlds. The winners have been revealed, and the works are simply amazing. A variety of awards were handed out such as Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, and Aonuma’s picks. The Gold medal winner is shown above! There was no prize given, just a sense of pride and satisfaction in a job well done. To take a look at a selection of winners, hit the jump. You can also check out the full winner’s gallery.

 Silver medal:



Bronze medal:




Aonuma’s picks:






 Be sure to check out the full gallery of winners!

Source: NeoGAF
Via: GoNintendo
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  • Soeroah

    The one in the header won gold, but I think the first Silver one was a lot better :/

    Also that Wii U one…just…just perfect.

  • CEObrainz

    The Smash Bros and Wii U one would have been better candidates for first place, however I can still see the charm of the winners drawing. That being said, all these are truly amazing!

  • Parker

    I don’t know about the first place being so worthy.. those others sure were great.

  • richa

    ugh I dont find mine the best, but it is better than the number one =.=

    they did a voting system, but its not a good system, the people with the most followers are more likely to win, a drawing contest should be completely based on how good the art is.

    like the one with the turtles is reaaaly good but didn’t even win bronse

  • Kafke

    Man, the ones that won kind of suck.

    Here’s my picks (out of the gallery linked):

    This one was originally bronze:

    DIdn’t place:

    Didn’t place: