Link’s Friendlist is a massive collaboration of 50 artists working together to portray all of Link’s friends and helpers in the Zelda series. The project started in October 2013, and features a variety of artists from DeviantArt and Game-Art-HQ. The project began with Link’s Blacklist in 2012, which focuses only on Link’s enemies.

Link’s Friendlist includes 30 different characters, but each one can be drawn by up to three different artists. From the project description, it seems likely the project will continue on throughout this year. We’ve even featured Midna for Fanart Friday here at Zelda Universe. I’ve included some of my favorite art from the project after the jump! Warning: there is a possible character spoiler for A Link Between Worlds if you click on the full gallery.

Mikau by Bleachblender


Anju by Joe Hogan


Medli by Malfey


Fi by Anokazue


Source: Game-Art-HQ
Via: GoNintendo
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