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Do you enjoy playing cards, but are tired of seeing the same old designs over and over again? Or maybe you just need some more Zelda-related items in your life? Well here is something just for you–Soren Kalla Art is now accepting pre-orders for the Hylian Court playing cards, which feature playing cards with Zelda-themed designs. The cards cost $12, and another bonus pack of Zelda-related cards is available for $10. These aren’t the only Zelda playing cards to be released, but the designs are unique and the attention to detail is superb. If you are at all interested, definitely check them out. You can view photos of some of the cards after the jump!

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zelda playing cards 1

zelda playing cards 3

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Source: Soren Kalla Shop
Via: Imgur
  • Gio González

    it’s amazing the best card’s in the world!!!

  • Morgan

    with all these t-shirts and accessories, I swear it’s going to make me go broke. 🙁

  • norebo

    My choice for a Zelda themed card set would be:
    K: * Daphnes * Zant * Ganon * Demise

    Q: * Zelda * Midna * Hilda * Twinrova
    J: * Link * Wolf Link * Yuga * Ghirahim
    Joker: Skull Kid W/ Majora’s Mask

  • acurrier

    Hm, tempting

  • OpSV

    Are these bicycle quality cards?