Death Mountain - Left 4 Dead 2 Map

If you were one of the many who picked up Left 4 Dead 2 for free from the Steam winter sale, here’s another treat that you need not part a penny for. Valve’s zombie apocalypse series has seen tons of awesome fan-made maps, but I think that this “Death Mountain” map blows the majority of them out of the water–and into the fire.

L4DMaps user NickNak remade Kakariko Village, Death Mountain and the Fire Temple from Ocarina of Time into playable areas of undead carnage. The map itself isn’t all that new, but IGN recently brought it to public attention with a recent video. Even if you don’t have the means to play it yourself, you can enjoy the highlights in the following clip. Toon Link replaces Gnome Chompski, Tanks are re-skinned to look like Gorons, and Hylian Shields are melee weapons. Oh, and if you’ve ever wanted to blast Volvagia with an Uzi, you’d do well to check this out.

Please note: Left 4 Dead 2 is a mature game containing excessive gore and violence. Keep this in mind before you tune in to gameplay footage.

You can download the map right here. If you’re new to playing custom maps via Steam, there are simple instructions near the end of the video.

Sources: L4DMapsYouTube
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