Rosalina pic of the day

Today’s “pic of the day” for Smash Wii U showcases Rosalina and her newly announced down special move, tentatively called the “Gravitational Pull.” This move originally debuted in Super Mario Galaxy, where players could pull in Star Bits by pointing the Wii Remote at them. Series director Masahiro Sakurai describes how this move will function in Smash 4 on Miiverse, and there’s some good news–no shaking of the Wii Remote is required this time:

“Pic of the day. Rosalina’s down special move, tentatively called the Gravitational Pull, sucks up items and weapons. Weapons will be disabled when using this move, of course. You have to shake the Wii Remote to perform this move in Super Mario Galaxy, but you won’t need to do that in this game.”

Having a move that sucks up opponents’ items and disables their weapons is a very handy tool to have during battle. But how does this special move affect opponents who are not wielding items or weapons? Will it do nothing, or will this move have another function? These questions remain unanswered, which makes it all the more interesting to see how this move plays out in the final game.

Source: Miiverse