A Link Between Worlds is filled with references to previous games, to a degree that it’s difficult to find a spot where you can take a nice picture of yourself as a drawing without being covered by one of them. The fans quickly focused on the ones referring to Majora’s Mask, not only because they have been the first ones to be discovered.

They are widely acknowledged and have been heating up speculations for quite some time, so it’s not surprising that it appeared as a question in a recent Game Informer interview with A Link Between Worlds director Hiromasa Shikata. For more information click the jump, but be aware that minor spoilers might be present.

The most famous one has been spotted even before the game had been released. Of course I’m talking about Majora’s Mask, which can be found as a wall decoration in Link’s house.  This, however, hasn’t been the only reference regarding Majora’s Mask as there have been other, more subtle ones as well.

Game Informer: We found Majora’s Mask and another subtle reference to Link’s Nintendo 64 adventure in Ravio’s Journal. Are there any other Majora’s Mask references that we missed?

Shikata: [Having Majora’s Mask in Link’s house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. Now why would they ask us to do that?

Shikata is clearly asking what we are all thinking: Why would Aonuma ask for the iconic Mask reference in Nintendo’s latest Zelda game?

Aonuma had been the director of Majora’s Mask, so maybe his intention was focused on fan service all along, or–as most of the fans within the community would like to believe–he is hinting at something we have been asking for for so long.

He didn’t want to talk about Majora’s Mask when A Link Between Worlds was around the corner, however he did request for the references to be included in the latest Zelda installment. Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words could possibly express.

Could it be that Nintendo has been working on a Majora’s Mask 3D remake all along? Might it be that Zelda U picks up where Majora’s Mask ended?

Source: NeoGAF
Via: Nintendo Everything
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