Cody's Rant 2

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Cody’s Rant on ZeldaUniverseTV! In this segment, Cody addresses something that is often discussed–how some people believe that Nintendo merely recycles the same concepts and formulas from franchises such as Mario and Zelda over and over again for every iteration of the respective franchises. Cody goes into depth on not only why he believes that these assumptions are unfounded, but gives specific examples (from the Mario series in particular) as to how Nintendo is–and how they have always been–a creative developer, and how he believes that Nintendo’s creativity often goes underappreciated. You can check out the rant after the jump!

Do you agree with Cody? Do you disagree? You can share your opinions in the YouTube comments, and feel free to leave a comment below as well!

  • David Munch

    Nintendos game creativity is fine. It is their corporate vision that is going down the drain.

  • DocGuy

    A Link Between Worlds was not creative.

    • Majora’s servant

      Ha ha ha ha…Oh, you were serious?

    • Nick

      dude did you play it? there was the entire idea of depth that was played with, there was merging into walls to complete innovative puzzles that were totally new. there was the glow in the dark stuff in the ark temple that stopped glowing when you walked by, reversing the whole light around just the player. basically its one of the most creative games ive ever played up there with super mario galaxy.

  • True Davad

    I don’t even have to watch the video for I already agree completely. I have felt this way for a LONG time. The other companies are the uncreative ones. The Playstation Move and Xbox Connect were attempts at stealing Nintendo’s ideas. Mario and Zelda are 2 of the most creative series I have ever seen, probably thee most creative series I have seen. Look at how creative the concept for Mario is. A Plumber who gows big by using mushrooms as a main character and all. And Zelda has the most creative characters ever. Hundreds of Minor characters, Tingle, you name it. Creativity is Nintendo’s greatest strength.

    • RedKiteftw

      Move was definitely a wii ripoff, but i will defend the kinect. Not for the controls: they were pretty bad, but for the number of ways people have repurposed it to do various tasks

  • Saul

    Nintendos creativity? They have more creativity then PS and XBOX combined, they barely have worthy IP compared to Nintendo,every Zelda or Mario is completly diffrent from the same, Nintendo changes it up, you take wind water, to twilight princess, to skyward sword anywhere all completly diffrent, you take assasins creed or COD, and every game is the exact same with diffrent maps, a game a year with no new mechanicx is milking and uncreative, Nintendo puts time into there games to make them diffrent, other companies dont.

  • Richard Rahl

    First 17 seconds:
    Nintendo was the reason PS3 has those motion controles and the xbox the kinect.
    And the same games over and over? Nintendo at least give them names. The PS keeps adding number PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. And the xbox….is back at one……the can’t even count.
    Than the games….Battlefield, call of dutie, halo, GTA, FIFA..they keep releasing the same games over and again. SO why say nintendo does this, when everyone does this. At least the zelda series keeps it quality while being different each time. Every other game (including mario adn mariokart) just keep the same thing and adding a couple of things on.
    Every company finds it easier to build on an excisting franchise than start a new one. Everythign has been done already. Creating fresh new games is hard. And not every third party will coem to nitnendo…why? Because they try NEW THINGS! Motion controls onthe wii instead of a normal controller (not to say that I don’t prefer the normal control) adn than the…wiipad…on the wiiu. It’s not Nintendo’s fault that 3th party’s won’t take the risk for making games bases on a new playing style.
    One of my fav. series is the Tales of Series. They are skipping nintendo ever since Tales of Symphonia (, yes the release the FORMER exclusife Tales of Symphonia 2 on wii and the japanese only bugged Tales of Graces). I would love a new tales game without havign to buy a PS3/4 or Xbox360/1.
    Nintendo is to original with there systems and because of that get almost no content. That is the only downside to nintendo. 3th party’s don’t want to invest on none proven hardware. The PS and XBOX give nothing new, they only improve graphics. And like I always say, graphics are the least important part of the game.

  • timefortravel

    There’s a difference between creative and gimmicky. Nintendo does both, but I’m not too fond of gimmicky.
    How I see it,gimmicks are a one time thing and you’ll never see them back.