Here at Zelda Universe we love giving our readers some heart-warming stories filled with love, passion and creativity. The fanbase is truly talented and uses their crafting skills to bring glorious and unique pieces of art into existence. We’ve found another one full of internet feels just for you! Hit the jump to check it out!

Some time ago I shared an article about a Triforce wedding ring, but there is more than one way to incorporate the themes and motifs of Zelda into a proposal. As you can see below, someone decided to use the iconic phrase, “It’s dangerous to go alone,” as the basis for his question. We have many fun items that use this line, which was originally said in a cave to an 8-bit Link in the deserted land of Hyrule. It is fun to think that the conclusion to this warning is an offer of companionship, instead of simply being given a sword and sent on your way. In a way, it’s the best of both worlds, as she gets to take the offered item (the ring) as well as gain what would hopefully be a partner for life. It’s kind of hard to feel insecure in a relationship where Zelda is included in huge decisions… just saying.

Zelda marriage 1

Zelda marriage 2





Sadly, we don’t know how this particular scenario ended, but I certainly hope it went well. Handmade chests (this one was made on Etsy by TurboToasterStudios) don’t come cheap, and we all can accept that wedding rings are often worthy of taking out loans! Definitely points for commitment. So what do you think? Would you say “yes” to this kind of proposal?

Source: Reddit, Etsy
Via: Pxlbyte